5 Movies Watch List For A Professional Graphics Designer

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A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly is an American animated film released in 2006. It’s a science fiction thriller directed by Richard Linklater and based on the novel of the same name, written by Philip K. Dick. The reason why graphic designers would love this film is that it makes use of the Rotoscoping technique, which some of you may be familiar of. The film has in fact taken Rotoscoping to the next level in the visual style. This technique makes use of Rotoshop, a graphics-editing program developed by Bob Sabiston.


From the creators of “Design and Thinking”, “The Maker” looks into the current maker movement in America. It also talks about the expansion of the DIY movement and after all, every designer is a maker and can be inspired by the movie. A graphic design course will demand you to be creative in terms of thinking. This film is a must watch for you in order to understand the concepts of designing better. With the increasing VFX jobs in Kolkata it is good to watch content that inspires you to work more in this field.


Helvetica is an independent film that is all about typography and graphic design, thus, it is a must watch film for any graphic designer out there. As a matter of fact, if you ask any designer which film they believe is the best typeface film of all time, they will most likely say Helvetica.

In this film, you will be taken on a journey that explores the history of the Helvetica typeface and how it has changed the world ever since its conception. Aside from that, it features interviews with famous graphic designers, including David Carson and Massimo Vignelli.


Objectified is part of the trilogy created by Gary Hustwit, which includes Urbanized and Helvetica. Urbanized is actually more architecture oriented, unlike Helvetica and Objectified, which are more applicable to graphic design.

Objectified is a film about the day-to-day objects that the graphic designers behind them will have to deal with. It also includes interviews of Karim Rashid, Naoto Fukawasa, and other famous personalities in the design industry.

The Nightmare before Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas is one of Tim Burton’s most famous films, a musical fantasy thriller that was released in 1993. The movie makes use of a stop motion technique and any graphic designers who want to learn more about stop motion should watch it. Aside from the use of the stop motion, another reason why graphic designer should not miss this Tim Burton film is because the original production has made use of sculpted models and sets and was the first ever film to have been converted entirely to 3D.