Benefits Of Learning Illustrator


Unlimited income:

Illustrator is the indispensable tool for graphic designers. Prospect of graphic designers are as colossal as C suite employees. The famous Nike ‘swoosh’ was designed by a graphic designer against a meager payment of $35. Soon after Nike went public, the execs surprised Carolyn with a huge party. She was not only conferred with gifts as token of appreciation, but was also received 500 shares of stock, which she never sold, and is worth close to $1 million this day.


Freedom of visual communication

Adobe Illustrator is professional software with endless scope for creativity. One can start from scratch and create advanced illustrations with this software. Adobe Illustrator facilitates you with advanced tools for boundless creativity.

Bridge software

When it comes to designing, Illustrator serves as bridge software between man and machine. With pen tools illustrator helps you create remarkable logos in layer formats leaving scope for multiple edits using the specified layer.

Creative Finesse

Drawing objects using mesh tool and gradient tool gives an impeccable finesse to the creation. These tools help in creating smooth surfaces and brilliant shading. Illustrator also helps you emphasize on finer details of your creation.

Indispensable for every professionals

Adobe Illustrator is inevitable software for every professional in this century. As the world is emphasizing more on visual communication- corporate managers, health institutions, engineering firms, film & houses, advertising firms, real estate companies and even publishing houses are encouraging their employees to learn Illustrator only in order to improve their visual communication skills.

Used for mapping

Adobe Illustrator serves as an indispensable tool for mapping purposes. It’s of great significance for travelers who would need the aid for right directions. In Illustrator pen tools are extensively used to draw maps.

Drawing infographics

Info graphics are used in almost every industry across the globe. Through Illustrator, you can create flawless infographic materials. Anyone can easily create graphs and pie-charts by simply entering data.


Illustrator helps in editing any image material or resizes them with high resolution output. Regardless to size of the creation, Illustrator gives outstanding resolution, keeping minute detail intact.

EPS output format

Another significance of using Adobe illustrator is its ability to render files in EPS format along with other relevant formats. This file format is extensively used for commercial purposes for its sharp feature. EPS is the most file format used for flex printing or vinyl graphics.

Adobe illustrator is the most reliable resort when it comes to graphics designing and visual communication. It gives you ample scope to inculcate and exhibit your creative spunk by taking up good graphics courses.