Top 5 Job Opportunity For A VFX Artist

Matte Painter

Matte Painters create Digital Matte Paintings that are virtual backgrounds used to either completely replace or embellish live action photographed plates. They are the main reason how all the fictitious changes are made in the scene.

VFX Supervisor

Makes sure that VFX shots are identified, and elements are captured appropriately for post-production. Whilst you are pursuing your VFX course from an institute you will be taught about all the various career options that lie in front of you after the completion of the course.

Match Move Artist

Match Move Artists imitate the camera movements in live action shots and match those movements in 3D computer animations. They position tracking points on live action shots and, using those tracking points, they work out the co-ordinates in the relevant 3D programmed. Your visual effects tend to emphasize on this particular aspect a lot making wide career options in this field.


Compositors construct the final image by combining layers of previously-created material, including computer animation, special effects, graphics, 2D animation, live action and static background plates. The job of compositor is very well paying as well. You will have good amount of scope and future vision if you choose this as a profession.

Digital Preparation Artist

A digital preparation Artist is responsible for rig removal tasks, painting out markers, wires and rigging before the shot can move along the pipeline. High-level quality control and a keen eye for repair work is necessary, as the work must be invisible. The work of a Paint/Prep Artist is likely to be reviewed by a VFX Supervisor, often one frame at a time, and compared back to the original plate on a cinema screen.