Top 5 Movies With Remarkable VFX Work

Inception: This movie was released in 2010 and the VFX supervisor of this movie was Paul Franklin. This movie consisted of around 500 VFX shots and all of them were outstanding. From creating the scenes of buildings folding up, fighting scenes in a space like environment to creating the dream sequences, fort on a snowy mountain and other special scenes were developed with the help of CGI, simulation and other VFX techniques. The movie wizards had done a tremendous job in making those sequences look real on the screen. This movie won Oscar for the Best Visual Effects.

Life of Pi: Oscar winning movie, Life of Pi, is considered to be one of the best examples of VFX works so far. The story centred on a boy who had survived a shipwreck. Scenes of different types of animals had been shot with puppets and later on replaced by real like animals with the help of the CGI. Though the VFX artists of this movie accepted the fact that the toughest parts were to create the two giant storm sequences, but those were the best scenes of the movie.

Gravity: This movie had won Oscar for the Best Visual Effects category. Around 1.8 million LED lights were used by the VFX wizards for the creation of the real light of the space. Almost all the scenes were the creation of visual effects. From the movement of the protagonist to the space like environment, everything was done in such a perfect manner, that it looked amazingly real on the screen.

Avatar(2009): No one has witnessed such kind of VFX (Visual Effects) work before the movie Avatar. The VFX of this mythical sci-fi movie had set a benchmark for other VFX artists. From creating the pod through which the soul transfers from the spaceship to the ancient planet, to the mystic civilization of Pandora, it was created with the help of CGI, simulation, laser lights and other VFX tools.

Ex Machina (2015): Won Academy Awards for VFX in 2016, this movie has stunned the audiences by winning the award among the eminent movies of 2015. The VFX artists have done a tremendous job while creating the robot movement and their feelings and imaginations with the help of simulation and other VFX technology.

Learning Visual effects for films has become one of the most in demand career options among the students at present. To bring your imagination on the screen is your cup of tea is VFX and for that a good VFX course can help you in achieving your dream as a VFX artist.