Future of VFX artist in the present media world

vfx in kolkata

The present media scenario is very lucrative and VFX is very much in demand. Every movie that you watch has some amount of visual effects inculcated in them. A VFX artist manipulates the scenes and creates superficial imagery for films.

For example any bomb blast, galactic scene, massive crowd or superhero actions that you watch are a result of VFX. VFX has immense good prospect in the post production of films. Companies like Prime Focus, Pixion, and Red Chillies entertainment have made some great strides in the field of visual effects. There is literally no turning back because with the modification and progress of technology the techniques will only get better making it a more progressive industry.

No industry has shown such a rapid and positive escalation with every passing year. VFX growth was reported to be 26% in the year 2017. So, it quite evident without saying anything that the plethora of opportunities that is being offered to VFX artists is immense and vivid.

Presently the requirement of VFX artists is floating in the air and you can take good advantage of it by just signing up for a VFX course. A VFX course will transform you into a professional VFX artist. There are number of jobs you can opt for after completing a course of VFX in Kolkata. Some of them are:-

  • VFX artist
  • Roto artist
  • Color corrector
  • Lighting management
  • Compositor
  • clean-up artist

The VFX course in hi-tech animation is designed in such a manner that you will learn about the subject thoroughly in an out and then proceed with the practical aspects. Right from grounding to expert training; we have got you covered. In addition to that ours is the one and only institute in the nation with its own production studio will keep the students ahead of their learning game.

Even while learning the course you will be a part of the studio experience which no other institute will offer.

The convenience and flexibility of the digital media platforms will take you to heights that no one can imagine. The only limit that you have for succeeding in the industry is signing up for VFX in Kolkata. The sky is the limit as every industry in the entertainment business needs more and more VFX artist all the time.

Just to give you a rough estimate the blockbuster film Baahubali required over 600 VFX artists and the Hollywood film interstellar had around 500 VFX artists involved. Don’t think too much and join our VFX course right away for a prosperous future.