Software used in Animation industries uses for production & Education

vfx and animation

Hi-Tech animation provides you the best VFX and animation course with excellent VFX training making your career a successful prospect. The software used in teaching these skills is applicable not just in the animation industry but also in the field of education, fashion, production, gaming, television and advertisements.


V-Ray is CGI software used for rendering. The often use of it is found in the animation of cartoons and graphics. It is a rendering tool. Just so you know, rendering is the process of getting 2D image or animation output from a 3D model.

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is software that is used to make animated content with the assistance of various tools for purposes such as compositing and rendering, visual effects, modeling, sketching, match moving etc. Autodesk Maya has been used in all the leading visual effects oriented films such as Bajirao Mastani, Baahubali, and Transformers etc.


It is the gaming industry’s top game engine used to create stunning characters and scenes in games. It provides cool prototyping techniques. In addition to that, its flexibility of engine and rapid iteration capabilities make it a top choice for a variety of 3D visual game development projects. GameBryo has been used by several video game developers including Atlus, Trion Worlds, 2K Games etc.

Final Cut pro

Final Cut by Apple is the best editing tool in the entire industry. It is highly user friendly, anyone with a basic knowledge of operating a computer and graphics can use it. Almost all the Youtubers use this tool for their personnel editing and publication of videos. This tool is the best handyman if you wish to be a pro at editing.

Adobe Photoshop

Ain’t anything more important than learning Photoshop once you are determined to learn VFX and animation? It is used for manipulation of images. Editing images on a professional level is done with the help of Photoshop. It is vastly used in TV, films, advertising and many other fields where image manipulation is required.