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“How animation courses made me a better person”, Real life story of Hi-Tech Animation students

Hi-Tech Animation’s Placement

Hi-Tech Film and Broadcast Academy is the only animation academy in India which has a production studio of its own. Content for numerous regional and national channels is curated here. Zee News’ political satire “Excuse Me” is a very good example of our reach. In the upcoming years we are planning to expand the capacity f this production house to five times larger of what it is now.

With production studio exposure and top grade training we make some of the finest animators in the industry. Ria Mitra, an excellent 3D animator was first unsure about the scope in this field but once she enrolled with us it changed her life. Currently she is working as a 3D animator with Hi-Tech Film and Broadcast Academy. In her opinion this course changed her life and she would recommend it to all aspiring animators.

The way a sword needs whetstone similarly a creator needs training. Our alumni Soutrik Dey is the living example of it. He is employed as a Roto Artist in Prime Focus. In Mr.Dey’s words his experience of learning at Hi-Tech was “a rocking experience”. With efficient labs, projectors, software and all necessary equipments we do not let you fall short of any help.

Hi-Tech moves ahead with a vision in their motive. Our institute believes in the capability of every individual. We want Kolkata to emerge as the hub of animation in India. As Pritam Das said that Hi-Tech gave him a larger than life experience, it was a boost for the beginning of his VFX career. He is currently working at Prime Focus.

We take education, training and placements very seriously. The faculty at Hi-Tech has real life experience of working in post production of actual films. Their expertise and dedication will make you a professional. By the end of each course 100% placement assistance is guaranteed to all our students.

We will keep placing you with calls and interviews until and unless you are properly placed. The bonus is the best talents are directly given a job at our production studio. Hence you get to work for the top studio right after completion of your course. Now you know when it comes to multimedia courses there is no other place you have to be.

The pre-placement training that is offered will help you like it did Shiladitya Chanda for his successful placement. Be it a 3D animation course, VFX or even best video editing course Hi-Tech animation has got your back.


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