Important roles of animators in today’s’ film & television industry

“Appreciate the canvas but do not forget the labour of the artists” Animators are the magic artists that create the cartoons and awesome animated films that we watch on silver screens. The demand and scope of animation course is very wide. An animator can choose from various job specifications. Once you have enrolled in animation and VFX courses these are a couple of common job roles that animators go for in the film and animation industry.

Art Director

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Deciding to be an art director is probably one of the best decisions of your career. Not just film and TV but publishing houses also employ art directors. The job of an art director is the spine of the movie that is been made.

The entire staffs of animators who are involved on that project are entitled to report to the art director from time to time. The art director acts as the in charge. The position is purely talent based, the more your skills the higher your position.

3D Modeler

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The work of a 3D modeler has steep learning curve and requires the practice from animation and VFX courses. They utilize software like- Maya, Photoshop, Blender etc. If you wish to work in freelance after your course then the scope of animation course is immense.

Storyboard Artist

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If you have a knack for drawing or sketching then this is the perfect position for you. The work of a storyboard artist begins even before anything happens on screen. They create the layout and picture boards.

It contains the characters and scenes that are going to be made by the digital artists later on. The work of these artists begins and ends with the director on hardcopy forms only. Interestingly these artists are paid a very handsome amount for their creativity and talent.

Stop Motion Animator

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As compared to the other tasks it is bit laborious one. But as they say you cannot have the rainbow if you do not deal with the rain. It requires minute detailing and lots of patience. In addition to the work of 3D and 2D animators, the physical models of the characters are in the hand of thee animators.

They maintain the top to bottom perfect detailing and the talents of their efforts is what gets them the fame.

Compositing Artist

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Being a compositing artist is quite the fun. You get fiddle with the creative corners of your mind. A lot of top studios in India as well as abroad hire full time compositing artists all the time. It does require specialization in animation and VFX courses. You get to work in the post production of films and other projects and add the creative elements.

In conclusion, today’s film and TV industry is dead without animators. The scope of vfx courses & animation courses is inexplicably large. Go ahead and become a part of this giant industry now.

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