Important roles of animators in the film & television industry

“Appreciate the canvas but do not forget the labor of the artists”

How many times have we let the sweat and dedication of background artists go into vain because of the limelight? Let us for a change look at things with a more insightful perspective. Animators are the super talented artists that design the cartoons and awesome animated films that we watch on big screens. The demand of animation course is very wide.

Do you recall the last advertisement you saw on television or the last animated film you watched? You will get astonished to find out the level of contribution of animation creators which make the shots so picture perfect. This article is not click bait if that is what you are thinking. We will actually show you some pretty awesome job profiles that are highly lucrative in demand in the entertainment business.

An animator can choose from a wide array of job specifications. Once you have enrolled in animation and VFX courses these are a couple of common job roles that one can go for in the industry.

Art Director

scope of animation course

Looking for the boss of a project or film? You will get pointed towards the Art Director’s chair in that case. An art director is the head of any project. He is the one who assigns all the tasks, approves every step of the team and keeps an eye out for all the other creators on board.

Deciding to be an art director would probably be one of the best decisions of your career. Not just film and TV but publishing houses also employ these directors all the time. The job of an art director is the spine any movie.

The entire staffs of animators involved on that project must report to the art director from time to time. The art director acts as the in-charge. The job of an art coordinator is 100% talent oriented. Sometimes it also works in favor of people who have more experience and have a greater knowledge of all the different forms of animation techniques.

3D Modeler

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Being a 3D modeler again has huge demand in the media industry. Modeling artists prepare the movement and action based caricatures for digital characters. This step gets followed by editing and rigging. Those are different departments of specializations altogether. As for modeling; every single character ever portrayed on screen has gone through an intense session of editing by 3D modeling artists. It is actually quite the hoot. These specialists enjoy their work to the fullest. Some have described it as watching a fictitious character come to life.

The work associated with being a 3D modeler has continuous learning curve and requires commitment towards practicing. They work with software like- Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Blender and etc.

Storyboard Artist

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If you have a knack for drawing and sketching then this is the perfect position for you. The work of a storyboard artist begins even before anything happens on screen. They create the layout and picture boards.

It contains the characters and scenes that are going to be the work of digital artists later on. These professionals limit their work to the boundaries of hardcopy format only. You might wonder about the pay but strange enough; storyboard professionals earn a very decent salary. Since they work as one of the first stepping stones in the entire creative process; their contribution is very important.

Stop Motion Animator

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It requires minute detailing and lots of patience. These animators thoroughly work for the physical attributes of a character; these can include walking, slouching, running, smiling, laughing and etc. Stop motion films have recently become a very popular trend on social media. These animators have the scope to work freelance as well.

They maintain the top to bottom perfect detailing and the talents of their efforts is what gets them the fame. As compared to the other tasks it is bit laborious one. But as they say you cannot have the rainbow if you do not deal with the rain.

Compositing Artist

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Being a compositing artist is not as dull as you might think it. You get to experiment with all the different techniques which are a development in progress. A lot of top studios in India as well as abroad hire full time compositing artists all the time. It does require specialization in compositing with emphasis on animated characters. You get to work in the post production of films and other projects and add the creative elements.

In conclusion, today’s film and TV industry is dead without animators. The scope of animation is inexplicably large. Go ahead and become a part of this giant industry now.