5 things you probably didn’t know about the VFX courses

VFX is the short for visual effects. VFX is artificial imagery that manipulates a scene of the film. It is impossible to shoot bomb blasts and aliens invading our planet. That is done with the help of visual effects. However, there are certain things you might not know about a animation and vfx course. This article will guide you through all those misconceptions and clear the doubts for you.

vfx and animation courses

  1. Practice is the key

If you are under the notion that there is anywhere you will head without practice then, you are wrong my friend. Keep working on sample projects keep working on different scenes to master your skills. There is no replacement to hard work and dedication. A VFX course is all about how much you are willing to sharpen your talents.

  1. Watching films is actually studying

It may seem odd in any other profession but for someone willing to be a VFX artist watching regular movies is an exercise. Observing the work of different visual effects artists will make you more skilled. Every single time you watch a new film you will be able to find new tactics and learn some new application of VFX.

  1. Create a demo reel

This is an obvious step. Demo Reel is the first impression you create of your work on others. It is more like a resume. It is a compilation of your work in the form of videos that showcase your talents. This will give the interviewers in the production studio an idea of what you are capable of and of your skills as a VFX artist.

  1. Keep looking for inspiration

A VFX artist always strives to create better. It is very important for you to search for inspiration in others’ work and in films. Observe the after and before effects of superhero films, fantasy films and much more. In this manner you will remain inspired to do better and seek perfection all the time.

  1. Know your specialization

It is important to move ahead with a plan. Whether you want to end up with lighting, production, sound, supervision etc. No matter what your field of interest is make sure to be 100% dedicated to it.

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