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Who can choose career in VFX industry and why?

What is VFX (Visual Effect)?

VFX (visual effect) is the art of manipulating scenes and images in cinema which cannot be shot with a raw camera lens. In scenes like those, green/blue screens are used and later on in the post production artists curate them with the desired requirement. Almost every film made these days uses a certain amount of visual effects.

Bollywood’s most expensive film Baahubali had a total of 500-600 artists involved in it. Visual effects is a very crucial element in the film’s post production. The demand of VFX is also increasing to a very large extent. Considering how every film requires it and all production studios are generating huge employment drive for VFX artists it is the best time to hunt down a career in VFX.

Visual effects courses train you and teach you how to master this skill. You can start VFX training in Kolkata to get hold of this art and become a pro at it. There are no restrictions to this art. You do not need to know anything for joining a VFX course. Just determination to learn and the passion to be creative is all you need to enter the classrooms with. The rest will be taught to you at the training.

A large number of international studios are also generating jobs by outsourcing artists from India. The quality of work VFX artists produce in India is beyond comparison. Films like Avatar and Life of Pi are living examples of that. The VFX industry will always require fresh talent and that is the reason the scope is so huge. So no matter what you have done before VFX is the right career path for you.


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