Do you know what professionals are required to make an animated movie?

It takes a village to complete an animated movie. A long trail of professional artists batter together their talents in order to make the movie complete. You will be amazed to know the amount of production value that goes to make an animated film. From the very scratch till the end if you see the people involved are nowhere less to that of a feature film.

Animated movies these days cost almost equivalent (and sometimes even more) than feature films! It is not just drawings and motion characters. The plethora of animation is vividly vast. In this article we will find out about the different portfolios required to make a fully fledged animated film.

Art Director

The art director is like the boss of the entire project. He assigns the people their work. He has the most hectic work as well. One needs to keep a track of all the work happening in all the departments. They need to cooperate with the entire team and being the in charge it is their duty to direct everyone as to what to do and what not to. The art director needs to have knowledge about all the different steps that go into making the film. (Obviously!)


Might seem vintage to you but it is the first step that happens before anything actually becomes digital. So a storyboard artist will draw all the characters and all the scenes (yes! all of them) on different storyboards before they are animated on computers.


No, it is not fashion modeling. Either living or fictional or even inanimate; modeling is used to give a 3D sphere surface to the characters as well as the scenes of the film.


A rigging artist is responsible for providing a skeleton the 3D characters before they are actually animated in 2D or 3D. Mostly used for 3D though.

Digital animators

Hundreds (sometimes even more) of animators use different animation software to complete a film. They take all the sketches, storyboards and rigged and modeling and get working on the tools to depict them in the film. A large team of animation artists work tirelessly to make a film a living reality.

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