5 tips to become a successful VFX artist


When it comes to visual effects, great number of international films and projects outsource their work to Indian production houses. Visual effects is like salt in any dish; you cannot finish the film without a bunch of VFX artists working every detail of it.

VFX artists are among the top sought after people in media industry. Visual effects courses not only hand you a certificate but open up doors of success and opportunities for you across the globe. Art has no boundaries and acquiring visual effects training in Kolkata you are all prepared to conquer the industry with your knowledge.

Like any other profession, VFX comes with its own set of challenges. Here are five tips which will help you in your journey as a VFX artist.

Let’s roll!!

  • Prepare a show reel

Show reel is like your resume. In VFX that speaks for the quality of your work. Make a clip not more than 3-5 minutes long and keep it as your go to element. Your show reel must be perfect in very nature. After all it presents the work you are capable of doing with VFX software and equipments.

This will be the first thing your employers would be interested in seeing before asking any other question in an interview.

  • Do not compromise with your education

Your entire career in VFX will depend on the quality of education you receive whilst in an institute. For instance, if you want to learn VFX in Kolkata then Hi-Tech Animation institute is your best pick. Hi-Tech Animation offers the top level VFX education with excellent training. Hi-Tech’s quality of VFX training is definite to shape you into a professional who will achieve greatness.

  • Get inspired by others

While you are learning, stay inspired from your other fellow colleagues. Learn from their specializations and try to better your craft. Being inspired helps you perfect your craft even better. Try learning from your faculty as well. Observe the work of top VFX artists online. Keep yourself exposed to the work of others is basically the whole point of it.

  • Know your roots

Knowing the basics is very important. Once your fundamentals are straight, given the chance you will also be wok on a different software or equipment. Take your tutorial classes in the learning stage very seriously. Once you have become friendly with the basics then you can play with tougher concepts and create some of your own as well, but it all begins with basics.

Even after you have become an expert, do not lose touch with the basic fundamentals. Practice them from time to time to stay close with perfection.

  • Productive use of social media

Use social media channels to stay updated with what happens in the industry. Find your key areas of specializations. Subscribe to channels and pages which deliver creative instincts. Visual effects is a very upgrading field which is bound to succeed regardless of anything else. Therefore, make sure than you are all time updated with the happenings in your industry and your key area of specialization.

I hope that these points help you go ahead in VFX industry. If you would want to add something then, feel free to do so.

Until then stay creative and stay motivated. Click here to enroll in the best VFX course with 100% placement assistance.