5 Bollywood movies with amazing VFX

The Indian film industry has come a long way from the black and white era and now has become a style icon in the globe. Bollywood is the largest film making industry in the world. With more than 100 films releasing every year this industry has outranked itself in a number of ways. The industry and the quality of films have seen a significant improvement over time because of the standard if special effects.

Here are five films with mind blowing and earth shattering visual effects in films:

  • Race 3

Race 3

Remo D’ Souza’s debut film as a director; Race 3 had the most happening star cast of Bollywood. The film made an incredible business of 100+ crore in the first weekend itself. This film is the evidence that VFX software in Bollywood is not taken lightly. The film has been a lot of backlash on internet for many technical and dialogue hassles but that cannot take away the fact that Race 3 had some out of the world visual effects. To everyone who wishes to train in visual effects courses this film is a real treat.


  • Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3

What is it about sequels that visual effects cannot resist? The sequel starring Aamir Khan did absolute justice to the hype that was surrounding the film. With instilling use of CGI and special effects; the film was a real treat to the audience. Many said that the effects were implemented so wisely that it became almost impossible to differentiate between what is original and what is not.


  • Fan


Shah Rukh Khan is not called the king of Bollywood for no reason. With a very controversial double role, the most famous actor of Bollywood did set the benchmark very high. The film had special effects incorporated in it with precision and ultimate perfection. There were a lot of scenes where the crowd multiplication was done with VFX and then the actor was merely talking to a green prop which was edited with chroma key.


  • Krrish 3

Krrish 3

I think this article is obsessed with sequels! Ok, we will make this one the last movie which is a sequel on this list. But Krrish 3 can’t not be on this list for best VFX movies. The most interesting thing about this film was the the entire visual effects was shot by Indian artists. The entire wok from the scratch till the end was done by Indian studios and artists.



  • Chennai Express

chennai express

It might shock you that a lot of the scenes were not even shot in real train. It was just the actors shooting in front of the green screen. Chennai express had redefined the use of CGI in all kinds of locations. Visual effects never appeared so much better in a film that was completely location based in every other shot.