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Check out the after effects of the Johnny Depp upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Our favorite Pirate of the Caribbean is doing another thriller movie and we are equally excited. Johnny Depp has earned a good reputation in Hollywood for versatile acting. His association to the Pirate role made him instantly famous. A lot of people recognize him from that role itself. With this film he will be associating himself with the long legacy of Harry Potter. Fantastic Beasts: and where to find them was the first prequel to the Harry Potter series. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second part of that.

Depp would be playing a negative character in this one. We will also get to see a young Albus Dumbledore for a change. He will be among one of the leaders who will try and stop Grindelwald from his evil intentions. To uncover the Harry Potter series properly it is essential to know what happened before time immemorial.

The VFX of Fantastic Beasts 2

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The first part of the film was not at all disappointing when it came to the visual effects. We could see the hard work done not by magic but by skilled technicians. The time frame to which this movie bases itself is also very ancient along with magic sputtering in every single frame and shot of the film. That is an all-hands-on-deck situation from the very beginning.

Both VFX and animation courses has their fair share of credit for the film’s special effects. It wouldn’t have been possible to create such a surreal environment in the film without those efforts.

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Usually for post production we need both green and blue colored screens. But in case of this film it was primarily just green screen. Blue is a much darker shade and that has taken a lot of the magical backdrops.

If you think about it the actors had to pretend towards a lot of things that weren’t happening. They had to act like they could see those flying creatures. Magical spells working and etc. I believe that is where the true acting comes into play. Pretending to know and see something that isn’t there at all.

References from Harry Potter’s VFX

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Though Harry Potter released more than a decade back we simply cannot deny the fact that it will have CGI links from the previous one. If you go up with the breakdown and doubts from this project to your VFX and animation course then it would come clear to you that a lot of things are similar. Well it had to be considering magic is the central position and point of discussion here.

The wave of the wands and the spell logic along with many elements which make it a magic land comprise of the visual effects work of the film.

Not a lot of it was possible to get picked up because this is definitely a prequel and giving away too much would close the scope for another series to the Fantastic Beasts series. Let’s hold on to the release date and wait to unfold the thrill.

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