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FANTASTIC BEASTS: The Crimes of Grindelwald and the magic of VFX

The tenth film in the wizarding franchise was recently released. Much awaited after the first Fantastic Beasts, this movie had to solve a lot of cliffhangers and introduce a much wider range of characters. In the first Fantastic Beasts movie, fans were looking for a number of Harry Potter references but they failed to find any. However, the second one was much less disappointing. The movie has been receiving mixed reviews as of now. But one thing which is not mixed about its review is the astonishing visual effects. Harry Potter had set the bar so high for VFX that no one ever thought that any film could surpass it.

The film is directed by David Yates, with a screenplay by J. K. Rowling, and features an ensemble cast. Eddie Redmayne has established himself from the first movie of this series itself.

These prequels are not only an introduction into the world of Hogwarts and magic but also a massive mystery opener for all the people who were not fans of the books. That’s true folks! Some people only read the books and joined the fan club.  Let us find out more about the second prequel and its magic of visual effects which has the fan engaged for more than two decades.

VFX story of The Crimes of Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts)

As many would think that the technology and inculcated techniques in this movie were taken from the old Harry Potter movies. That is not an unusual assumption to make, however, not an accurate one. The Harry Potter films are quite old in their VFX terms. The last film was made around eight years back and the software used at that point in time was pretty ancient. This fantasy drama movie, on the other hand, is made this year had a lot of easier methods. There was a great surge in the VFX courses taught and that in result has produced better post-production artists. Definitely, the editing is smoother too.

The fantasy drama thriller we are talking about is way ahead of its time. The logistics had to be taken care of more though. The chapter that this particular movie focused on was that of Grindelwald. That was something not a lot of people knew about. Considering it’s the prequel, VFX artists also had to take care of the extra elements such as old buildings and not include much about what we have already seen. Hogwarts was a world within itself and to reach that standard of magic requires a lot of work. Thanks to science a technology, visual effects have escalated in terms of its creative corners.

Now there are more ways to inculcate something. The editing process not only become simpler but gives a lot of options to the creative personnel. Keeping that in mind, David Yates was able to put forward a lot of new ideas in comparison to the prior films. The original screenplay was obviously not hampered at any cost. If you think about it practically, the majority of the film was shot in front of props, lighting and green screens. All the magic happens in the post-production only. As for the first-ever Harry Potter film which used torchlight to show the light that came out of the wands.

But thanks to better VFX options, we can now just wave the wand and the light will be added peacefully in the editing room.

Is magic more difficult to recreate?

It actually is. It is a lesser known fact that editing illusions are more difficult than showing crowd multiplication or adding a backdrop to the scene. This makes the process difficult ten times. Therefore, when you are in theatres enjoying the film in 3D or 2D make sure to give a thank in your hearts to the effortless team of artists who made this happen in reality. VFX with illusions requires precision to direct as well as edit.

As for direction they have to make sure right where the editing sequences would go and the same goes for the post-production procedure too.

The film is in theatres already! Go ahead and enjoy the feast of J.K. Rowling!


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