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K.G.F: Chapter 1 is breaking records because of its VFX. Let’s find out more!

Everyone wants to know more about this film which has made recently released Bollywood films at fail. Competing alongside Shah Rukh Khan starring Zero, K.G.F: Chapter 1 has left no room for any doubt. In just four days since its release, it has recovered from the budget cost and entered the profit zone. Written and directed by Prashanth Neel starring Yash Srinidhi Shetty.

Kolar Gold Mines (KGF) is the story of oppression and distressed condition of the minority. The movie is set in the early 80s and dictates the centuries-old tradition of oppressing the minors. This makes it a period drama. And we all know how Kannada films are when it comes to producing period dramas. They do not leave an inch of fault or doubt.

A lot of Hindi speaking population is also blindly attracted towards this project and everyone has noticed how beautiful the cinematography was. The time period and the environment looked absolutely real. Less do they know that it is not cinematography but pure work of VFX.

K.G.F: Chapter 1 is a completely VFX oriented film which became the talk of the town because of the amazing caricature it has inculcated in the shots.

How VFX made K.G.F: Chapter 1 look so surreal?

The background score was an essential part which had to be taken care of in this particular film. Keeping the plot intact and interesting, the VFX supervisors went ahead to add multiple green screens in several locations. Since it was set in the 80s and not this period a lot of aesthetics and extra elements were taken care of. It was not possible to bring whole new setup just for one glimpse or scene and therefore visual effects had to be the rescue.

The thing with VFX training in Kolkata is that it teaches you how to edit a scene maintaining the original aesthetics of the cinema. That is very important in movies like these. The tale of such an intensive issue and bravery does deserve accolades. VFX in Kolkata has earned a very good reputation over the last few years for enhancing the way in which we edit frames.

The surreal and invisible nature of visual effects speaks the success of the project in large graphs. The bets sign of god post-production is that you cannot point out any editing at all. The same happened with this film. Top critics and reviewers were at awe when they described this movie after the first week. It is on its way to set the 100 crore benchmark for itself.

A lot of scenes had warm undertones which were completely edited in the post-production by visual effects artists. As for the cooler undertones, not much had to be done. It was all done by visual effects later only. However, to show the streets and village scenes, a lot of them were shot in abandoned locations. The use of green screen in this film was particularly notable and praiseworthy.

The visual effects were so stunning that people couldn’t stop themselves from gawking at the screen. They were in thirst for more. That is pretty much what every audience member had to say. They wanted more from the movie. Since this one was named chapter 1 we can expect more sequels to follow. The film also leaves a sort of continuing ending.

The level of visual effects that will be put forward in those movies will also be the talk of the town. We will have to wait for them to happen. Until then make sure to watch K.G.F: Chapter 1. It is still in theatres and will be for some more time I can assure you that.


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