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The amazing VFX of Replicas- The new Keanu Reeves movie

The new sci-fi film Replicas has hit the theatres. It is doing a stable business as of now but has been praised immensely for one thing- VFX. The visual effects of this film are getting a lot of appreciation and we simply cannot ignore the work which was inculcated in the movie.

Sean Leigh Hart and Gretchen Asmar are some of the greatest talents who have worked in the post-production of the movie. The entire team of artists who worked in the editing of the movie was exceptionally talented and skill worthy. The movie is about a neuroscientist played by Keanu Reeves who wants to bring back his dead family using scientific methods.

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The buzz of Replicas was suppressed by the girth of many commercial films. However, the numbers of critics who have appreciated the work in the field of visual effects are countless as well.

The frames were shot and placed in different orders number of times. It was also seen at one point as a complete amalgamation of VFX talent. The placement of manipulated imagery was so perfect that there was no room for any kind of doubt whatsoever.

The trailer itself speaks volumes for the fact that there is an abundance of visual effects magic done in the background. These days no sci-fi project is even possible to be thought of without a certain amount of visual effects. Therefore, you must make it a point to appreciate the hard work which goes into making it a possibility. In addition to that, some of the props which were utilized to get chroma keying for visual effects were also extraordinary.

The machines were put as carton replicas which were later used as a reference for understanding the chroma key. No blue screens were used in the backdrops. This film used only green screens. VFX requires both of them most of the times. But in this film; the necessity was not there. Only green colored screens were utilized.

In all, we can conclude that it was a film full of suspense, thrill and climax shutdowns. You will not be disappointed if you buy a ticket for Replicas. It definitely is worth the time and money.

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