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Anushka Sharma’s Pari is next level production

Pari movie vfx After Anushka Sharma released the first teaser of Pari on her Instagram profile we have established it to be a horror ride. It is an upcoming Bollywood supernatural horror film and set to be released on 2 March 2018. Initially, the actress…

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A few things you need to know about the VFX courses

VFX or visual effects are artificial imagery that inculcated in films and scenes to manipulate them. The scenes which are not possible to be shot with bare camera lens are done later edited with VFX. Superheroes fighting, alien invasions and superficial backdrops are done with…

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vfx course

Top 5 2017 Bollywood movies with best Visual Effects

It is not possible to build forts just for shooting one scene and neither is it possible for actors to jump from building to building like super humans. Visual effects (VFX) are special effects that are added to a scene which cannot be shot for…

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Future of VFX artist in the present media world

The present media scenario is very lucrative and VFX is very much in demand. Every movie that you watch has some amount of visual effects inculcated in them. A VFX artist manipulates the scenes and creates superficial imagery for films. For example any bomb blast,…

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