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Check out Olaf’s Frozen adventure

Most popular short Animation film Olaf, Olaf came into our lives waving his stick arms and saying, “Hey I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.” We have loved him not just as a character but as someone who represents good heart and spreads positivity. Olaf used to live with Elsa…

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A few things you need to know about the VFX courses

VFX or visual effects are artificial imagery that inculcated in films and scenes to manipulate them. The scenes which are not possible to be shot with bare camera lens are done later edited with VFX. Superheroes fighting, alien invasions and superficial backdrops are done with VFX only. Almost each and…

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5 things you probably didn’t know about the VFX courses

VFX is the short for visual effects. VFX is artificial imagery that manipulates a scene of the film. It is impossible to shoot bomb blasts and aliens invading our planet. That is done with the help of visual effects. However, there are certain things you might not know about a…

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The worst advice people share regarding a career in animation

Even though we live in 21st century where the world has progressed on numerous fronts there lays some misconceptions about career choices. People often fall under the false notion that if you do not choose traditional career paths then you will lag behind. However this is completely untrue. People might…

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Why you should go to Hi-Tech Animation for your VFX training?

Hi-Tech Animation academy is a pioneer in the Indian animation industry. Over decades we have crafted professional and skilled artists out of amateurs and provided them with good placements as well. These are some of the reasons that will make you believe why Hi-Tech is the best place for your…

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Famous Companies where you get placed after doing animation

If any of you folks has misconceptions about the job opportunities in animation industry then this blog will clear it all for you. The media and entertainment industry in India has escalated not just equivalent but higher than the IT industry. The job growth has not even been nearly 7%…