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Vfx famous Hollywood movies which have VFX artists and animators from India

We always knew that India has an abundance of talent in vfx and multimedia. Did you know that films like Maleficent, Avatar, Life of Pi and Interstellar are all produced by Indian VFX artists? Indian visual effects artist are breaking all barriers and making Hollywood films happen. While we appreciate Bollywood actors for putting India on the world map we simply cannot ignore the post-production artists who are making these films happen in the first place.

Be it James Bond jumping off a plane in Skyfall or Maleficent flying across the green meadows it was all due to the grace of our Indian VFX artists. In addition to that, though the work is done all in L.A it doesn’t take away the fact that they are from our soil.

This is my favourite one, the fire-breathing dragons and big Winterfell castles are brought to life by one of the many Indian VFX companies. An NRI once said that Indians are literally everywhere. Every second or third face in the States is Indian. It is clearly evident that Indian talent is not only on silver screens and IT but also in the Hollywood films.

The VFX team from India was also nominated for Oscar for the film Interstellar. Game of Thrones has won the innumerable number of Emmys for its VFX and that is all because of these Indian artists. It is always a matter of pride for us as Indians to witness artists from our nation at such great positions. They exhume nothing but their best VFX training.

It is so much more than just mundane and labour-intensive tasks; visual effects is all about creativity and knack for the artistic approach. Then comes Life of Pi, how could a tiger be sitting opposite to a boy on a wide open ocean? You get the catch, right? It was our very own visual effects artists nailing the ground then and there. Wouldn’t you want to carry forward this legendary legacy and be a part of big Hollywood films?

All it takes to be a part of the big blockbuster films is knowledge of VFX skills and techniques. You can start looking for top 3 VFX course in Kolkata to learn the art and choose a great career in this field.


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