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Amazing facts about Indian Animation, VFX and Game development studios

Everything that is jaw-dropping about films with intense action and superheroes destroying aliens happens at studios with the help of vfx. Gone are the days when the maximum production India was for was Ramayana and Mahabharata. This is no more the case. Indian movie Krrish 3 was all designed and curated in Indian studios altogether.

Even great Hollywood blockbusters like Interstellar and Life of Pi are done by Indian visual effects artists. Visual effects and animation are the buddings and some of the most successful departments in Indian film fraternity. It definitely is a lesser known fact that India is the growing hub of animation and multimedia. Multimedia studies are a very prominent interest among the youth.

Indian studios generate a very skilled workforce with an immense amount of training. This being one of the reasons a large number of international studios outsource work to Indian artists from time to time. India is said to be the largest gamers’ hub. The gaming industry is worth approx 900 million US dollars. This doesn’t stop here; there are more than a hundred gaming development centre organizations in this country.

There are other factors involved as well, for video games; studios hire a large number of software designers, web designers and graphic designers. The openings are humongous. With more development in technology and better infrastructure in filmmaking; the wave of employment opportunities are increasing at a rapid speed. The plethora of animation course, VFX course and video gaming course is escalating at an unprecedented speed.

It might amaze you that a lot of Oscar nominees in cinematography and visual effects are Indians only. Aziz Ansari, a famous Indian-origin Hollywood actor said that people from India are not only nailing pins in Hollywood through acting but also through their work behind the camera. With the development of digital services, a large number of Hollywood studios are recognizing the strengths of Indian artists. Global acceptance is no longer a far-fetched dream.

A rough cost for vfx in Baahubali

We saw the pinnacle point in Indian film industry when Baahubali released. More than half of the budget of the film was for VFX. The first part had a total budget of 3000 million and an estimate of 850 million was for visual effects.

If ever confused just know that you can always jump on a media-oriented course without the slightest doubt. We would suggest you to opt for an animation and VFX course in order to gain a good career prospect for yourself. Contact Hi-Tech Animation Academy Kolkata to know further and get a bright career ahead.


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