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Who can develop career in VFX, Multimedia & Animation?

The multimedia industry has a very pivotal role in the media and entertainment business. It has developed as an integral part of the Indian economy. As per current statistics, the multimedia sector will be employing over 40 lakh artists in next 3-4 years. With increase in demand for animation and visual effects artists in studios, films and all other segments of digital media; the job vacancies for skilled professionals is also expected to increase. At present the number of people graduating from a multimedia course is 2 times less than the requirement.

This talent deficiency calls for more productive people in the industry. With Hi-Tech’s multimedia courses you get one step closer to an enriching and fulfilling career in this sector.

Hi-Tech Animation is the top VFX training institute with an industry-oriented course which set as per global standards. The course is skill-specific and brings experienced faculty on the table.

A career in Animation and VFX might as well be denoted as the future of entertainment business. Animation industry alone witnessed a growth of 32% in the past year. The popularity of Animation and VFX cannot be ignored after films like Avatar, Life of Pi, Lord of the rings; Maleficent, Interstellar and etc have made their inexplicable impact.

Indian film industry has very quickly caught up with VFX using it in every other film. It is almost impossible to make a film or TV show these days without using a certain level of visual effects. VFC has become the spinal cord of this multimedia industry.

The animation industry is so huge that you can choose a job as per your creative inclination. Some of the job profiles you can choose for are:

  • Lighting artist
  • Storyboard artist
  • 2D/3D animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Rigging artist
  • Compositing artist
  • Art director and etc.

Students who have an edge of knack for creativity can develop an excellent career in Animation and VFX. Click here to get the animation course details from the best institute that there is. Hi-Tech animation is the only animation academy in this nation with a production studio of its own. Students learning from this institute get better exposure in terms of their learning skills. No other institute offers a live studio exposure to their learning students. In addition to this the best students of the class are absorbed by the studio during placement. This guarantees a job to them then and there.

The rest of the students are placed with calls and interviews until properly placed.


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