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Behind the scenes of upcoming movie THE MEG

Jason Statham and Ruby Rose starring THE MEG is ready to hit the theatres next weekend. We thought of gearing you up a bit before you go ahead actually watch this film. Watching the first two trailers it is no secret that this movie is a massive bundle of CGI inculcated in it. You can be ready to surprise with the shark attacks all the time.

Even the best VFX training would turn their necks twice before addressing this film’s production work. The film is about an insanely large aquatic creature that destroys a deep-sea submarine, shattering it and making it all disabled and capturing the people who work there beneath the Pacific Ocean. With time crunch, rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) must save the crew and the ocean itself from an unimaginable threat — a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon.

Gave you goose bumps, didn’t it? We know that you want to run straight away and book the tickets but let us take a look at the super hard work put by the entire visual effects team on this film.

Visual effects challenges faced by the team

To create CGI on aquatic themes and backgrounds is a challenge within itself. The primary reason being the dominant color blue has manipulated and adding subjects into is quite the sweat breaker. In this case it is the giant shark which is making the team break the sweat. The entire creature is a work of visual effects. Click here to see under water scenes vfx.

There is no actuality involved. Therefore, keeping the actor’s reaction and screen space the visual effects team has to do their work accordingly.

In addition to that, the scenes which usually show an ocean shot in no more than a puddle of water. To make the screen change into the green screen covered puddle look like an open ocean with clear sky is definitely quite the challenge.

A number of different companies worked on the CGI of this film which we will look into later. But the main challenge is to work harmoniously taking all of them together. There could have been professional difference of opinions but to still manage to pull out such an amazing film is the real deal. Now let us check out the real heroes who made the CGI of the film possible.

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Companies involved in the Visual effects of this movie ( THE MEG)

The entire CGI team led by The Production Supervisor, Adrian de Wet.

Below we have mentioned the companies who have worked on the visual effects of ‘The Meg’.

The VFX team includes:

  • DNEG (Supervisor: Raymond Chen)
  • Image Engine (Supervisor: Martyn Culpitt)
  • Scanline VFX (Supervisors: Stephan Trojansky, Jan Krupp and Mohsen Mousavi)
  • Sony Pictures Imageworks (Supervisor: Sue Rowe)
  • Soho VFX
  • Umedia VFX (Supervisor: Bernhard Kimbacher)

These are the magic hands who were working under the supervision and guidance of Adrian de Wet.

No generic post production

The standard post production routine of an aquatic themed project is it animated or not goes from chroma keying everything to water level and color. But this film was quite different. There was no harmony shown inside the ocean.

The shark attacking and destroying the submarine accounted for a head scratching amount of production work too.

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