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Rajinikanth’s Robot 2.0 Movie VFX total budget of 500 crores, Check out now

Rajinikanth is back to the silver screen again after a long break! But this comeback is way too extraordinary. Nothing can compare to the tremor that is roaring across the internet after watching the trailer for Robot 2.0.

2.0 is a sequel of Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai starring earlier film, Robot. That film got dubbed in more than 14 Indian languages and several other foreign languages too.

You wouldn’t believe but this is the ninth most expensive non-English speaking film. And it goes without saying that it is the most expensive Hindi speaking film ever made. No movie in India has ever had a budget this magnanimous. People are still stunned with amusement after looking at the trailer. A total of whopping 543 crores was set aside as the budget of this movie. Well, when we discuss how cars were blowing up to shoot scenes that would make more sense to you.

The response so far

The trailer has crossed 10 million views on YouTube and it is not stopping anytime soon before its release on November 29. Rajinikanth’s fans are biting their nails and can’t wait to watch this movie in theatres. But wouldn’t it be amazing to get a little sneak peek into the editing and VFX of the movie before we watch it over the big screens.

The visual effects of Robot 2.0

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Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starring movie have out of the world action scenes. When the two most influential people in the action industry club together, such epic success are guaranteed.

Earlier in 2016, it was in the rumours that Robot 2.0 was initially scheduled for release during Diwali sometime in October 2017. In April 2017, Raju Mahalingam, who is one of the producers on this film, announced that the film’s release got postponed in 2018 to incorporate greater visual effects in certain scenes.

Robot 2.0 contains around 1,000 VFX shots which got delayed numerous times while the post-production editing was being completed by numerous CGI studios.

Initially, in 2018, it was also rumoured that the production house has put out the teaser to keep the audience engaged as a lot of CGI editing was still left. But now we have a final date of release so there is nothing to worry.

What kinds of techniques got included in the visual effects of this movie?

Visual effects specialists John Hughes and V. Srinivas Mohan were some of the top names how worked together in the film. Obviously, there were more than just companies which the studios had hired to complete their CGI work. Legacy Effects was taking care of animatronics work, and Mary E. Vogt was responsible for designing the special costumes.

All visual effects training institutes are rambling about teaching their students to follow this film’s VFX techniques as a learning guideline. Once you keenly watch the making of the movie, the same will strike to your head too. It is an extraordinary piece of artistic creation. Critics have already assured that this is going to be the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time. Finally, someone is here to break the Dangal and Baahubali records.

An interesting incident

While shooting at the location, the one of the main visual effects designer, Srinivas Mohan virtually converted a green screen sequence into locations including the Red Fort and the Parliament from Delhi after the team was unable to secure shooting permission there. So, that was a small piece of info not everyone knows about.

So it will be safe to say that despite throwing cars and tech gadgets a lot of money did go into the CGI department too. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the first day, first show tickets!

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