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Marvel’s Movie Venom VFX Breakdown

Marvel is back again with an anti character’s movie this time. Now, this is something quite unexpected and out of the box for a movie franchise. Usually, the general norm is to put a negative character that is making things difficult for the good guy. Venom is the frequently visited villain for the Marvel franchise Spider-Man. But we do not know a lot about him, do we? Comic book fans were the most interested people who pre-booked the show tickets.

Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed starring Venom released this month and has been one of the highest grossing films of this quarter. 2018 was one of those years where an unprecedented number of superhero films released but none were for anti-heroes. It breaks that chain and introduces us to the background, history and emergence of this character. A lot of people have always been very curious about how Venom became what he is and how he is. Their curiosity gets all the answers with excellent screenplay and filmmaking techniques.

VFX story of the movie

The Visual Effects were another string of controversy which we all followed religiously. Many reports speculated that the mask which worn by the actor was real. Many said it was all digitally made. We will not let the secret get buried with Tom Hardy himself. This film is a new realm of fresh cinema which we have not seen earlier. As of now let us discuss the VFX inculcated in the film. Let us find it for ourselves if all the chatter is worth it or not.

In August, the makers of the film revealed that the trailer did not showcase Venom because the visual effects for the character were incomplete at the time. There was a great internet spree speculating hundreds of things about the VFX. But the film was eventually released and everyone calmed down. Even locally, we head that students pursuing VFX courses in Kolkata were eagerly waiting to watch the appearance of the main character to learn a thing or two.

Visual Effects breakdown of Venom

The moment Tom Hardy took up the challenge of doing this project; he signed up for a bunch of visual effects drama to follow his. The editors and technicians on this particular project have been through a training of best VFX course to put forward their best foot.

The actor had to wear a great colored body suit which was later stuffed with some extra padding to give the volume. But other than that everything that you watch on screen is mostly done with the help of CGI. Proper lighting and good manipulation of picture led to the amazing movie that it is. To show Venom’s origin from another world, a lot of galactic editing became part of the editing process as well.

In addition to that, a separate theatre was set-up for remote visual effects and reviewing the color grading. The review took place more than once before finalizing the shots. The makers were very strongly adamant on making no silly mistakes.

Maryann Brandon and Alan Baumgarten were the editors for the film. Ruben Fleischer, the director of the movie, kept his focus during the editing process. He was willing to cultivate the relationship between Brock and Venom, which he believed was the heart and soul of the story. The opening scene which led to a spaceship crash was Fleischer’s idea. He wanted the audience to see the depth of his VFX work. According to him, no one would have assumed that a villain film like this would be spending so much of resources on visual effects. The symbiote appears shortly after as an introduction of the film’s “hero” before the villain’s plot begins and becomes the focus of the scene.


In conclusion, the storyline, editing and visual effects; all three things are a hoot in the movie. You will not be even remotely disappointed after watching the film. It is still running in theatres successfully.


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