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Bollywood’s Biggest VFX Reveal Is All Set To Release – Robot 2.0

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starring Robot 2.0 released its full trailer a couple of days back and people are already looking to book their tickets. It is the most expensive film that Bollywood has ever made. With a budget of around 500 crores, it is all set to break and set records of its own. The first film in this franchise, i.e. robot was a huge success and everyone in that film got hugely appreciated for their work. As soon a shat film got so much business from theaters the makers were adamant on getting the sequel released.

2.0 is marked to release on 29th November this year. All the other films which are releasing besides this are going to face a tough competition. We are going to witness some of the biggest stars coming together making historical dreams come true on screen. This film is all about the technological revolution and how sometimes technology overtakes us. Akshay Kumar would be playing the antagonist. Rajinikanth’s character or Robot will make a comeback as his 2.0 version. His scientist character would remain the same.

How is the VFX massive?

Once you take a look at the trailer it will make your eyelid bat thrice. You will wonder if a Bollywood movie is capable of doing anything like this. The movie is jam-packed with thriller and visual effects development. It appears as f the entire movie was shot with props and green screens. Even the character’s appearance was of great wonder. Akshay Kumar appeared as the most frivolous one. We have never seen him in anything so charismatic and costume oriented. That was one of the most amazing things to see.

In addition to that, the visual effects of the movie also concentrated on making the technology look very real. The delay in trailer release was the reason the post-production took so much time to generate the visual effects. It was the primary reason that the trailer did not come out for so long. Usually, the trailer comes out around two or one months before 2.0 is set to release. But the makers were sure of the fans base they will be attracting with this trailer.

In addition to that, the technological inputs which were made in the movie were all done by visual effects experts. They went through rigorous visual effects training courses to get a hold of the entire process. From the very scratch, the editing had to be adjusted with the makeup that these actors were putting up for their suitable roles.

Also, we need to take note of the fact that, a Bollywood production is going so many lengths to make their visual effects game so strong. It took over a year to get the post-production of the movie done properly. It is no easy task to make steel birds flying and cities collapsing. One can easily say that this film is the most expensive one in Indian history of cinema for a reason. It is also among one of the top expensive films in the world. Many critics are waiting to see if it can break the records of Baahubali and Dangal. That is something we need to wait for till the end of this year to witness.

In conclusion, we can say that the techniques and top-grade technology that was used in the movie accounted for all the praise that it accumulated just in the past few days.

The film is all ready and set to release on 29th November this year. Do not forget to watch it and notice how amazingly the visual effects were done without any hint of error.


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