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Latest VFX films that are changing the media industry

VFX (Visual effects) for films and changing cinema

Cinema is a big part of the reflection of our lives and imagination. Visual effects play a very crucial role in making that dream a reality over screens. In simpler terms VFX for films help to create artificial imagery and that makes all the impossible stunts possible. Right from showing a fire sequence to an alien invasion– everything is shot using green screens only. Later in the post-production, actual editing takes place.

Our movies have shifted and evolved a lot because of technological advances and upbringing. Just take the very famous example of the film Avatar. James Cameron waited for more than a decade to direct that film. He had the story, script, screenplay, and everything. All this time he wanted the technology to get in pace with his vision. But if you think about it, the time taken for the graphics to develop in ten years; the double advancement happens in less than three years. You can just think of anything and chances are it is already a reality. There is no denying that science has made it possible for us to dream beyond any genre and take full autonomy over the screens.

That is one of the most fantastic things about this field. Media and entertainment industry wouldn’t have been what it is in present times had it not been because of the advancement of visual effects. One cannot get away without crediting visual effects courses which play a very important role in transforming the manner in which people considered this art as a subject.

The emergence of different genres

Earlier when science fiction or artificial intelligence had to be shown, a lot of props and miniatures would be used. The earlier Godzilla movie is a very good example of this. It was not possible as per the editors to add anything extra which was not shot on raw camera. Cut to 2018 when in Blade Runner 2020 a whole another human being was created using visual effects. Rachel appeared the same age and had the same figure as she had in the earlier film. There was not an inch of difference in that. Who would have thought that a complete human being could be formed using this craft?

Therefore, in the later science fiction and thriller and even the superhero films, you see better graphics, elements, and presentation of technology. These genres wouldn’t have become what they are without the assistance of VFX. No matter how good a storyline is if the proper cinematographic exposure is not given to a movie, it goes towards abandonment.

Scope to think more

While we are having this magnanimous discussion, we cannot possibly forget the importance of VFX in giving us more scope towards cinema expression. Artists including story writers and directors and even the cinematographers have an excellent scope of opportunities. They have the freedom to think beyond the clouds. There are no more limits to what a person can or cannot do with their stories. You can literally think of anything and that will be made possible in front of the camera.

Artistic freedom is the most important thing when it comes to venting out artistic freedom. No cinema or TV field can achieve its peak if it doesn’t get the level of tools it requires to create art beyond the minds of people. In earlier times the story used to be so predictable that the audience would bore themselves watching the similar kind of stuff. That has completely changed and gotten a fresh face.

There are no more barriers to the world of movies and creativity anymore. All thanks to the development of VFX.


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