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3 most underrated VFX in movies of all time

Having a soft corner for the underdog has always been a thing. Who doesn’t like to cheer a good underdog? Not all that is great goes appreciated. So in this article, we have put forward three films we believe has astonishing visual effects but did not get the response it deserved. Watching these movies will be very helpful to the students enrolled in VFX courses. It will help you understand things about the craft which mainstream cinema could not teach so blissfully.

These three are not the only films which went unnoticed among the sea of so many hit and blockbuster movies on the box office. Let’s give a shout out to the hard work of some of the most talented VFX artists and their incredible talent.

Let’s begin!

It is a shame that a masterpiece as beautiful as this went to the sea of unconsciousness of cinema. Elvis and Nixon is the real-life telltale of the actual meeting that took place between Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley. World’s most popular superstar and musician Elvis Presley set a whole trend of fashion and charisma. His charm took people by awe. Richard Nixon, the most controversial president of United States had an actual meeting with this legend.

The film had stunning visual effects to set the mood of the time period. The events took place way back in history. And if we know anything visual effects implementation is the most difficult in period films. To create structures and time frames against the current scenario is one hell of a great job. Do watch this film sometime and you will understand the great amount of effort which has been inculcated in each and every scene which appears perfect to its greatest level.

This is an auspicious celebration of excellent visual effects work. Belle is an incredible story of a woman of color who fights bravely for her rights against racism and caste discrimination. She is the illegitimate daughter of two people who were not supposed to be together. Her courage and excellent spirit is well captured within the frames of this cinema.

Now coming to the part of visual effects. Set in period and ancient times with a lot of pre-historical elements this movie is one of the best visual effects work you would have ever seen. The reason why it is so important to watch projects like these is because it helps you understand the caricature and structure of editing with different time frames. If you are someone who has even the slightest interest in learning animation and VFX courses then this is the right one for you.

How can we talk of underrated films and not include the king of being underrated- Tyler Perry. This is the last Madea film in the entire Madea series which has been going on for more than a decade now. But the one we are talking about has some significantly hilarious visual effects to aim for. The lightweight comedy might remind you of the famous Harold and Kumar series. Tyler Perry is considered one of the most underrated persons in the entire film industry. If you really want to watch some hidden VFX talent; then this Halloween Madea movie might just be the right thing for you.


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