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Lion King and the amazing VFX techniques used

The epic tale of Lion King is going to make its comeback all over again in the movies with the incredible live action format this time. We saw how amazing it was previously in animated format. Well, it is about time that a real life version takes place in theatres. When Jungle Book and later Mowgli came with VFX induced formats, it was almost impossible for people to wrap their heads around the fact that we ever lived without them.

The film is getting directed by Jon Favreau with photorealistic animated shots.

Now, Disney has taken a further step in making the cinema more lovable around the globe among the mass. The first trailer has won over 57 million views.

The movie is all set to release this year itself in July. The dates are still fluctuating. This is not a new project; the work on VFX had been going on for years. The voicing has been done by some of the most prominent celebrities like Beyonce, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen and etc.

Another very interesting thing about this Lion King is the incredible level of visual effects. Let us talk more about that!

VFX of Lion King is being provided by Moving Picture Company and supervised by Robert Legato, Elliot Newman, and Adam Valdez. These amazing professionals have done their best to achieve a very classic and realistic approach. It is subtle and real at the same time. You will not feel for a moment that the shots shown in the movie are not real. It has been edited so perfectly.

The amazing thing about using the VFX in this film was that it was inculcated with an amazing sense of honesty. Firstly, all the characters were drawn and marked on the screen with a sense of click and original backdrop. That was then used in editing the rest of the movie too. At no point will you find that the film has deviated from the actual storyline. Jon, the director has time and again emphasized that how they did not want to deviate from the original movie.

The team was well aware of the original fan base and the fandom this movie has maintained to carry out over the decades. More than two decades later, so many people still find this to be their favorite animated film. One cannot go wrong with that. So many people are rooting for it.

Coming back to the visual effects, Lion King has used human mimicking techniques. These features are very rarely used and have only been used earlier in films like Star Wars only. However, in order to take it one step further, they tried the same with all the animal characters in the film. You will not find an inch of fault or error in those shots.

The trailer itself was so satisfying that; questions are not getting raised at all.

To enhance the sequences, another thing which the visual effects team did to their level best was the inculcation of several additional layers. These layers helped the scenes look better and more spirited. The crazy thing is that to revolve an animated film altogether and then induce it into live action with VFX is a whole challenge in itself.

Keep an eye out for the release and do not miss out for the latest announcement in relation to the film as well.

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