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Latest Trends And Growths Of VFX And Animation Industry In Kolkata

Trends are populated by a set of ongoing growths which take place in a particular industry. With the rise of animation in Kolkata and its demand; the VFX and animation courses see the greatest trendsetting. The culture of trends highly influences how media and entertainment business puts out its content. It is a very prevalent and lucrative section for the students and aspiring people to seek for.

Kolkata is a very artistically evolved city and shows upbeat talent every now and then. Here are a couple of latest trends and growths of VFX and animation industry in Kolkata which have taken place in recent times.

Including human motions in animated characters

Animation and VFX are no longer poles apart. Obviously, they are completely separate crafts which require distinction in their approach but the story is different. These two need to be clubbed together from time to time in order to get fine results. For example, a lot of animated characters which are made these days are induced with human movement. We saw the same happen in Mowgli starring Christian Bale. His facial expressions were molded into Bagheera’s face.

This is not the latest technique but definitely the latest trend. Earlier, not a lot of projects were seen being influenced by this methodology.

Advertisement taking the Audio-Visual route

The world of advertisement is slowly taking the turn towards the path of more digital content. This means that Visual effects and animation artists are getting a large spectrum of things to work with. This has enlarged the employment rate accordingly.

With the domination of digital media and its prevalent nature, we can rest assured that the advertising industry is a hub of recruitment for VFX artists and animators. This growth has been very organic and has risen up to be more than just any other trend. It has become an industry of its own gathering it is a very prolific market base.

Collaborations with art and digital media

In Kolkata children and adults have relied on the old folk tales which we have heard for over centuries. These have taken a more modern and contemporary approach in recent years. Children poems, fables, old folk songs, and stories are created digitally to get the attention of the millennial age. These people are the young generation who are consumed by the vitality and expansive nature of the internet.

VFX is used to create the sequels and re-runs of these films and stories as well. You will find so many new digital platforms and films coming up who are using these technologies to bring back the core art to a whole new audience. Kolkata, as a city has always been very rooted in its culture and talent. They do not wish to let go of the same anytime soon. But at the same time, it has progressed tremendously to bring about changes in the sphere of technology and media quality. They both go hand in hand.

No other place would offer you such an organic collaboration and bonding like that of this city.

Other than these trends mentioned earlier, there are copulative trends taking place in the growth of the animation industry. The number of VFX professionals and animators who are getting employed is also increasing day by day. We keep seeing a larger number of employees getting good jobs in production studios. The scope for freelance has also increased in recent years. With greater individual talent and an increasing number of options, it has become very prominent as a career option too. You cannot really put that in the trends category since it is a fully fledged career but that is definitely a growth spectrum to view from.


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