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Is It Important To Have Great VFX Work For A Film To Succeed?

The pioneering structure of cinema has shifted drastically. It has started focusing on the creative aspect largely now. Earlier, the genre of science fiction and thriller was almost non-existent in Indian cinematography. We only saw the basic structure of regular cinema that had absolutely no post production other than editing the shots together. Barring the horrors of films like Jaani Dushman and other Vikram Bhatt traumas; we can certainly put that era of films behind us.

Visual effects and films in today’s time

If you think about it, the technical aspect of films is no longer lost to the general mass. With so much social media exposure, they get a very good look into the depths of post-production. The articles and pictures of before and after are not lost upon people too. They delve into that quite nicely. The use of VFX for films is a pretty known fact. That has definitely elevated the standards. With Hollywood, the standards had been raised for quite some time now. Right from the King Kong, Anaconda and Matrix films in the 90’s they had shown immense potential.

Today content has become the king. No film is big enough to sell tickets if the content is not up to the mark. Visual effects play a huge role in fostering that. Enhancing shots and adding post-production changes with VFX technology is a must-have in every film in today’s time. If you take plain basic scenes from a light-hearted movie like Cocktail; there are over hundreds of scenes where CGI has been used.

Importance of VFX in films

Shah Rukh Khan basically introduced Bollywood with quality VFX with his production company, Red Chillies Entertainment. Although he himself starred and produced in the movies, he made sure that the Visual effects department does not go vacant. With movies like Ashoka, Ra.One, Fan, Zero and so many more he has proven that visual effects are the future of tomorrow.

Let’s get one thing straight. The camera cannot shoot everything and props can go so far as to create another object. But altering reality and making things happen which do not exist in reality is no fun and games. It is all the magic which the only VFX is capable of creating. Whether it is a period drama film or a sci-fi; the use of CGI is not hidden. It is the most crucial stage of editing. Any film which is made in today’s time would be incomplete without good artists who specialize in the same.

To understand the importance better, you can take a look at the before-after shots. They give the most realistic perspective of the imagery.

Now that we have established the significance of Visual effects let’s talk about the quality of the same. Visual effects are so lucrative these days that even local TV shows use them. But what makes the greater difference is the quality and transparency of the same. You can identify good Visual effects by its absence. If the scene looks unedited and unadulterated then the CGI was implemented greatly. The clearer the fiction; the better the work.

Hence, there are no arguments upon the significance of VFX and its prime value. Every film or web series needs a certain level of CGI induced to make great work happen and attract audiences.


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