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5 Best Films Of All Time We Remember For Good VFX

No one ever forgets great art. And when it comes to cinema, we never let go of anything which was ever great. Movies play such an integral part in our lives that we simply cannot let go of their stories and charisma. VFX has become the staple for every film’s post-production. Almost every single film you watch has a subtle or immense amount of CGI inculcated in it.

VFX makes imaginary or enhancing effects to take place into the shots. But some films stand out in those crowds and create magic. These are the films which no one can forget about. We will be talking about the 5 best films which we remember for great work.


James Cameron waited for two decades to start filming this movie because of the technology backlog. He had the story and vision in mind and started filming it only when the technology had caught up to his vision level. Avatar had over six thousand individual shots which had to be done with VFX. The forest scenes required actors to put dotted props on their faces which captured the motion. Then those had to be put in post-production.

Avatar pushed all human limits of VFX. The lead visual effects company was Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand. Other than that, ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) also worked on the various vehicle and lab scenes. Over two thousand people alone were employed to take care of the visual effects department. CGI boundaries were diminished after this movie released. No one could question anymore the credibility of someone’s vision. It was proven that if you can think it, you definitely can create it.

Grossing over 2 billion dollars worldwide, Avatar brought a fresh perspective to the idea of world’s forging on universal ideas. Having such brilliant visual effects it not only opened doors for discussions but also reinstalled the faith of technical artists and made them believe in greater work.

Blade Runner 2049

There are earth-shattering visual effects like Blade Runner and then there are virtual human visual effects like Blade Runner 2049. This neo-noir science fiction proved the epitome of technological progress by creating a fully fledged human being. Rachel from the original film was brought back to life (literally on-screen). She didn’t age a single day. To create scene by scene and shot by shot a fully grown person is no joke.

Half the people thought about conspiracies that the scene was shot years back to merge into this new part, but that is just not the case. It was created from scratch on computers. The team of VFX artists who worked on this particular CG project garnered a lot of praise and reputation. We saw a similar one years back in the final Fast and Furious film where Paul Walker’s scene was edited over his brother’s face. But that still had another human doing the scenes and giving human reactions.

Blade Runner 2049 was one of a kind and will forever remain that way.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the most popular film among VFX critics of all the Star Wars movies that there are. Undoubtedly they have all maintained the class and dignity of this franchise with subtle visual effects throughout the decades. And more so after 2000’s we see great work. Star Wars: The Last Jedi has some mind-boggling and stupendous pieces of art inculcated in the scenes. With most of them artificially created whereas with the supernatural creatures props were used. Stunt actors would wear green costumes over which editing was done.

It took months to complete the editing of this movie. Some inside rumors also state that the trailer release was pushed back just because the editing process was taking too long. A large part of CGI work is influenced by the storyboard art of animation.

Baahubali (both parts)

From creating over a thousand crores of box office collections combined worldwide; Baahubali has set the benchmark very high for Indian cinema. This is not just in regards to Bollywood but all other regional cinemas too. Directed by S. S. Rajamouli, both the movies were exceptional. The direction and editing of CGI were so epic that people are still not over it.

Being a period drama film, a lot of the elements were purely graphic. There was no prop or actual reference used. The actors had to visualize the director’s instructions and enact the same. Baahubali shall always be in the list of remembrances. With an epic climax, Baahubali was able to take attention globally. It was dubbed in multiple languages following the release.

I, Robot

Directed by Alex Proyas and starring Will Smith; I, Robot is a science fiction drama. The film encapsulates a very twisted storyline which is surely an amusing watch. But other than the storyline what people to this date remember is the fantastic CGI induced in the movie.

I, Robot was released more than a decade back and still, its cinematography is talked about. Advance robotics and artificial intelligence are just some of the key aspects which the CGI reflects upon. Other than that, color correction and other technical factors are also there.

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