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Things You Should Know Before You Start Learning VFX

“Knowledge brings wisdom and henceforth demands to be insightful”

If you have made the decision to learn VFX then first of all, congratulations! You have chosen a very progressive and career centered path for your life. Secondly, have you considered what the different factors to look out for are? Well, it is no scavenging hunt so no one needs to prepare a travel pack but one does need to prepare them with some prior knowledge.

Like any other course, VFX has certain distinctive features of its own. Whether you are aspiring to be a visual effects artist or not; this article will teach you something or the other that will help you in your academic life. After all, no amount of knowledge is too much knowledge.

Let’s get started!

It is not a regular course

This is not the kind of training where you just memorize a couple of technical sums and answers. Having the rote theory is of no use in this subject. Visual effects are all about creativity and innovation. It is the open door to all the possibilities which an open canvas can offer. So before you can start learning visual effects know that it is not just about learning a few chapters and books. Unlike regular courses, you will be given projects which will need you to be an observatory. Writing or presenting someone else’s work is blatant and not innovative. You might be getting a gist of what visual effects are going to be all about.

Your expertise has to go beyond just knowing the operations of software. Do not mistake it for plain academic lecture theory.

Have a planner’s mind

Visual Effects is adding manipulated imagery in shots. This means that one requires articulate planning and perfection. Spontaneity is excellent, but save that for the planning session itself. When you are making the plan about how the editing will be executed have a big brainstorming session. Make sure that your mind is open to all the ideas.

Then put it on various software to have the trial and error done well. It will make the entire thing work more diligently and efficiently. Prior to joining a VFX course in Kolkata, understand that a planner’s mind will take you a long way into blooming fresh content. It will saddle your sorting skills along with the craft.

Imagination will get you the crown

Do you know what is common in all the VFX artists across the world? Imagination! Take the words of John Lennon and imagine as big as you can. If you cannot trigger your imagination then how on earth will you create what you want? Make your thoughts better. In order to imagine and create better VFX visuals, you need to study other films and period dramas.

That gives a small gist of what is required. To get hold of the futuristic items to make sure that you are consistent in studying the work of others. That is a piece of crucial beforehand knowledge. See, prior to joining a course, you do not need to necessarily prepare a lot. Most of the things are taught in the duration of the training itself. But having a prepared mind is very important.

A brief knowledge about the tools and software

No one is asking you to be a claimed expert in VFX even before you start learning about it. But then having a brief idea about the same will prepare you. It will keep you ahead of the rest of the students. You can do as little as learn the names of the software. If not anything else, you can always learn tit-bits of the same.

Hopefully, these tips help you become a better student and ultimately a talented visual effects artist.


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