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5 Features of a Good VFX Institute

VFX is the spinal cord and key component of every single film or TV show that gets made these days. Be it a daily soap, a feature film or any web series. One simply cannot make the video project come to life without some quality work of VFX. Green and blue screens are placed in front of actors where with the help of chroma keying, necessary changes are made in the scene.

With this omnipresent nature of visual effects, the scope of VFX training in Kolkata has escalated rapidly. The demand for this profession has magnanimously reached a very high point. Over thousands of professionals are recruited every now and then. Film and TV production companies and advertisement agencies are constantly expanding their projects and trying to make them to the next level.

When you are going to learn visual effects, you might as well choose the top VFX institute in Kolkata. Here are five features which you should be looking out for in the top institutes.

Industry-based syllabus

The course curriculum which will be taught at an institute determines what a student will perform in their career. Therefore, it is crucial to take note of that feature. It is very easy to check the syllabus. All you have to do is visit the website or check out the brochure of the said visual effects institute and take a look at the same. If it is difficult for you to grasp then talk to the counselor and discuss the curriculum concern with them. That will sort out a lot of confusion for you.

Having an industry based curriculum is necessary to prepare you for the upcoming challenges which you will encounter in professional life. Studios are very up to date these days and they require visual effects artists who are capable of taking up tasks with their software knowledge. The syllabus and curriculum have a big part to play in that.

Affiliations with independent projects

An ordinary VFX training institute will simply teach students and get done with their job. On the other hand, good institutes will have projects and production space of their own. This is a reflection of the capabilities of an institute and its gigantic reputation.

Your job is to find out whether the place you are eyeing has a production studio of its own or not. Then you must check whether they have created any independent projects or not. Creativity is a very poignant aspect of visual effects. Every visual effects student must largely focus on having a creative outlet and propagating that through their work.

Promise of placement

The focal point of any VFX institute needs to be associated with placement. They need to assist each and every student with placement training and interviews post the successful completion of a course. No one takes up a course without the hopes and dreams of finding a very good job. You should always look for placement assistance. 100% placement assistance is a must have if you are going to study somewhere.

Standard faculty

The faculty members of a training center are the roots of education. Their knowledge and wisdom are what students embed and then get inspired. Therefore, it is essential to choose a place where experienced industry personals are working as faculty members.

Adequate pieces of equipment and classroom condition

Another key tool in learning visual effects includes the computers, software and classroom conditions. They are a major determinant in deciding the learning conditions. Therefore, it is very important to have top-notch availability of types of equipment and good classrooms where learning devices are available for all the students.

Make sure you check these criteria prior to taking admission.


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