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VFX Story of Avengers End Game

Avengers: Endgame will be forever remembered as one of the most remarkable movies of all times. Marking the end of year’s long franchise, Endgame has been one of the most anticipated films of the year. Marvel Cinematic Universe outdid all the expectations and grossed millions in the box office. We’ll make sure to not lay down any spoilers, so worry not.

Marvel’s latest approach towards giving characters wholesome visions is greatly appreciated by the audiences. Boosted by the most stellar performances of the year, Avengers: Endgame is capable is making you wonder seven heavens in some scenes. It will show you why the Marvel Universe has achieved what it has achieved.

Another stellar thing which no one could stop talking about was the VFX and animation of this movie. Breaking all the norms of VFX for films, Endgame has made a separate position for itself. Let’s dive a little deeper into that, shall we!

Avengers: End Game and its VFX

Joe and Anthony Russo, often called The Russo Brothers have marched a long way since their first VFX milestone in Captain America. Putting forward a young Steve Rogers in Captain America was no more than a challenge. Obviously, Chris Evans looked CGI manipulated but at the same time it so convincing to believe that it was his younger version. Since then The Russo Brothers have made astonishing sequences in numerous Marvel films like Ant-man, Deadpool, Avengers and so many more.

They have not shied away from taking the complete use of the development of the visual effects which has taken place over the years. Right form lighting, production, image manipulation to rendering and animation; they have used every inch of development to their benefit. However, for Endgame they had to pull up their socks even further. They had to create an elegant approach to the same.

When you sit down and start introspecting the visual effects, it had a heist of decades. They not only had to create specifications for the film’s storyline but also to all the characters. This was probably one of the final closures that the audience might be getting. Having been the most anticipated film of the year, no mistakes were allowed. Russo brothers claimed that over 500 shots were used just to give Thanos the screen texture. The later post-production had taken an even greater number of shots.

Russo brothers felt a sense of responsibility towards the audiences who have relentlessly and blindly committed themselves to this franchise for so long. You can see how their choices reflect the tonality of certain scenes while watching the film. It was all carefully planned and executed. Befitting the finale, we saw inspirations from the old Marvel films like Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and many more.

The Production visual effects Supervisors were Dan DeLeeuw and Swen Gillberg. Dan and Swen wanted to bring a sense of authenticity and realness into the whole visual effects realm. That is why they took it upon themselves to monitor the green screens too. They wanted the shoot locations and pre-production to have some contribution too. Now that is some next level dedication.

CGI of Avengers: Endgame

A number of different studios worked to deliver the world-class CGI of Avengers: Endgame. Here is a list of all of them:

  • ILM (Industrial Light and Magic)
  • Weta Digital, Double Negative
  • Cinesite
  • Framestore
  • Digital Domain
  • Rise VFX
  • Lola VFX
  • Cantina Creative
  • Capital T
  • Technicolor VFX
  • Territory Studio

Now, each one of them was assigned a certain number of shots to deliver. Framestore delivered approximately a little more than 300 shots whereas ILM took over 50% of the main shots. The final review was done in ILM with Joe and Anthony Russo.

Avengers: Endgame lives greater than its expectations. The closure and fantastic script writing will take your heart. It is worth every second. The film did take a village to produce and edit but it is definitely worth it. Let’s say one last goodbye to our beloved Avengers with pride and grace!


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