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VFX Story of Disney’s Live Action Movie Aladdin

Aladdin and VFX

Disney is back with another live-action adaptation of their famous stories. Aladdin is a classic favorite of people across all generations. The 2-D animated Aladdin was a heartthrob among the kids. Straight from the execution to colorful animation; everything was a favorite. The magic is coming back but with stunning visual effects.

We witness a very witty and charming Genie in the form of Will Smith. The film is gaining widespread global attention for its classic excellence in cinematography and authenticity. A lot of live action versions of Aladdin have been previously made in forms of TV shows. But this is going to be the first time that we see it in a movie. As for the conceptualization, even the Genie’s version has been edited very smartly taking into account how he floats around. The bottom half of Will Smith is a pure visual effects genius.

Aladdin released on 24th May and has been receiving all kinds of critics and reviews. People are both loving and hating the film. But among all these critics the thing which is popular opinion is the awesome reviews for the VFX. No one is to deny that the special effects were skyrocketing.

The whole setup for sets and production was not very high in terms of setting up the scene because VFX took care of most of the things. You will be astonished to know that the sand dunes in the film are not real. They look crystal clear on the screen. That is the power and capacity of visual effects in whole.

Why was the VFX extraordinary?

Aladdin used thousands of separate shots and frames to bring the visual effects towards a point of perfection. VFX artists always claim that whenever there is a time period involved, the editing becomes tougher. A lot of small detailing has to be taken into account. The monochromatic nature of the scenes has to be eliminated.

Even the best VFX training colleges emphasize on teaching students the value of precise cinematography. Every VFX institute in Kolkata is always on the run to master the craft of teaching its students the value of perfecting tools. Looking at this movie, you can see the amount of key rooted dedication which went into making each and every shot nothing less than treasure. For all the Disney geeks, this is definitely a treat to the eyes. They will be completely astonished by the final result.

Genie’s character in this movie is the living embodiment of our childhood nostalgia which we as fans are very particular about. We are very specific about Genie being blue. However, in the live action version. Will Smith was not fully blue all the time. Except for the time he came out of the magic lamp and a few other times; he was just wearing blue clothing to satisfy the fans. Now, specifics aside, Will Smith’s flying around and magic tricks depiction was pretty on-spot. There is not much room to bring forward any complaints.

Use Of CGI

Some other extraordinary moments included the inculcation of the magic carpet. Showing Jasmine and Aladdin fly upon that carpet was nothing less than absolute bliss. Now let’s talk about the part of the visual effects in it. They were not really flying on a magic carpet! (sorry to break the bubble!) Instead, it was just a still shot where the backdrop was getting manipulated with the help of CGI shots. Extremely talented and skilled artists had to show the transition in such a manner that the flying looked natural. This is not which films usually do. Even in Superhero films, actors use the harness and actually have stunt doubles to carry out stunts. But in this case, not much can be cut out as the actors are the subject of the frame.

Hence, Aladdin is a treat if you loved Disney’s original one. Don’t be too critical of the dialogues and story and have fun! The film is filled with awe, astonishing amusement, and colorful live-action magic.

Enjoy and let us know what you think about the film or its visual effects!

Image Source: Hindustan Times


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