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The Basics of Visual Effects

About Visual Effects

Visual Effects is the art of image manipulation to generate backdrops and imagery which are artificial. These are shots which cannot be created or shot with the raw camera lens. Anything from huge palaces to alien invasions is done only with the assistance of visual effects. It is the spinal tool which is incorporated in almost every single film and video project these days. One simply cannot do without visual effects in any video project.

It is the ultimate requirement for any kind of video associated issue. VFX and animation courses encapsulate a large range of modules and curriculum which are to be learned by students. Let us guide you through some of the basics which shall help you to become experts while you are taking the course.

Learning in and out of the software

The software and tools which are used in the editing of VFX projects need to be memorized by you. You need to make sure that you are well aware of their mechanisms. Knowing the software and tools in and out would help you become more expert. Always be thorough with the tools completely in order to be perfect with your learning.

VFX and animation courses are always fruitful for students if they are well equipped with various types of equipment. You should be able to fluently utilize them in your day to day journey.

Matte Painting

Coming to the actual techniques, matte painting is something which is very frequently used to create a shot. It is the popular technique of combining two images in order to form a single one. Most commonly when actors shoot a scene in front of the green screen; the manipulated imagery is added to the backdrop. When superheroes are shown flying on the roof of buildings in the dark night; it is actually the actors running on treadmills in front of the green screen. Later, with matte painting, it is shown as if they are surrounded by buildings in the open sky.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is a very common technique of VFX and animation. It is used in the post-production of animated and real-life films. With 3D modeling, the three-dimensional surfaces of characters are represented. Almost all the top grossing movies these days use this technique. The tools which are used for this are Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D and etc.

Physical body simulators

These are used for a number of films which require human motion picture in the shots of CGI characters. Jungle Book and Avatar are some of the examples. Once the human motions are captured, one needs to edit the same with some crafty software.

Motion and body simulation go a long way in generating in creating a bunch of realistic images which take the project a long way.

These simulations are a very affluent aspect of the many techniques in VFX.

The basics of VFX would be taught to you at the very inception of your training. The later tough spots would be taken much farther in the course period. All you need to do is be dedicated and focus on your curriculum and make the best out of it.

All the best!


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