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Is India Currently a VFX Hub?

The VFX and animation industry is skyrocketing with time considering the outsourcing rate is so high. VFX is the vertebra of any film or video project that takes place in today’s day and age. India has been a major hub for aspiring VFX artists. The job growth has taken great escalation as a result of the increasing opportunities in this field.

Indian VFX industry- scope

India’s advantage as a hub for VFX has taken great strides over the past couple of years. This industry has been greatly beneficial towards making this entertainment business so much fruitful in this nation. India has low labor costs and that is one of the reasons why so many countries and their production studios prefer to outsource work in India.

Indian language graph is also a big catalyst in generating so many jobs. We Indians learn English as our second language or at least taught a minimum of that in school. That enables us to take over international projects very handy and fulfill them accordingly.

Over 35% of studios are estimated to grow fivefold in the upcoming years. That is a great statistic range for the industry. It is recession-proof considering films and entertainment never go out of business. VFX courses in India sometimes do get plagued with the perception of being juvenile or child-like but that is just not the case. In western countries, the perception is vastly different. India is also incorporating the same.

It is an indispensable part of film making. No one can really do without the art of CGI and image manipulation in studios.

What encapsulates the industry?

The VFX and animation industry is on the path to becoming the most reliable professionals in India in the coming years. It has very successfully established itself as one of the most reliable and constant industries in this nation. One can find jobs and great opportunities at any given point in time.

This industry is emerging at an unprecedented rate without any hurdle whatsoever. There is no denying that if you opt for a VFX course in Kolkata then there would be huge career prospects for your future. There are a bunch of options underlying for your career once the VFX courses are completed. Placement services after finishing VFX are also very great. They are incomparable.

India is currently the hub of CGI and post-production work. You can avail big career opportunities with huge salaries. People can end up earning six-figure salaries in a couple of years if they show good potential. India is a staggering platform for people who have an interest in this business. Over a million new studios are outsourcing work in Indian studios with increasing pay grade.

You can attain huge career growth just by finishing this course. India is presently a rapidly increasing VFX forum and you can achieve large prospects after completing this training.

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