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VFX Courses in India V/S VFX Courses outside India

The trend of going abroad to study is no new thing to Indians Most people cannot afford it so they rely on scholarships and government aid for that. But the question arises that, is it really that necessary? Experts claim that countries like USA and UK do have better educational programs and scope for students pursuing bio-engineering and humanities subjects like economics and international relations.

In this article, we shall be discussing if one needs to go abroad in order to learn VFX. Is it a course which is better learned in India or outside this country?

VFX- Indian education or Western?

Visual effects are the art of manipulating imagery with technology. It is a subject which is driven solely by the influence of computers, tech and a lot of imagination capacity. These are some things which are not restricted by national boundaries. When it comes to VFX courses in India, they are no less than any international degree. The Indian VFX industry worth millions and produces some great artwork these days. Take the example of popular Netflix show Leila which is creating a buzz all across the nation for its stupendous visual effects.

We had never seen such a magnanimous performance in Indian creativity. Some other examples would be Padmaavat, Krish 3, Bharat and etc. So it would be wrong to even think that Indian entertainment is not equivalent to the Hollywood visual effects industry.

Undoubtedly, they have more precise work but with the release of Leila, we can safely say that it was up to the level of Elisabeth Moss starring Handmaid’s Tale.

Taking up a VFX course in India would be a very beneficial decision on any students’ behalf. The training is no less than perfect. All the essential skills are taught here equivalently as they are in the west. The quality of education is not compromised.

Reasons to study VFX in India

First and foremost, a lot of international studios outsource work to Indian production houses because of talent and cheap labor. Films like Interstellar, Life of Pi, The Imitation Game, Dark Knight Rises and etc had Indian visual effects artists working on them. These were just some handful examples of thousands of films and TV shows which are edited in India with their CGI.

So, studying in this country would help you get an abundance of international work as well. If your desire was to work in foreign films and shows, well that can be fulfilled staying right here also. When it comes to the prospects in this nation, there are over 5 million new job vacancies every year. New studios, films, independent projects and etc have created a tsunami of employment opportunities for visual effects aspirants.

There is no shortage of scope of success once you have completed training in this field. Industries in media and entertainment are always hunting for talent in this sector. If you are thinking of going abroad then it will be a lot costlier. You will be learning the same modules, subjects, tools and software ten times the cost. The fees in western nations would be much higher than here. If you are very diligent about working abroad then you can study in this country and then opt to go foreign for a job. You do not have to necessarily study outside India to work there. So many people get their VFX course training done in this nation and then choose to work outside.

Hence, your motherland India is the best place to get an education in visual effects and build a bright and prosperous future for you.

Good Luck!


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