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Is Basic Knowledge Of Animation Required For A VFX Artist?

Skills for a VFX artist

VFX artists are personals who work in the post-production of films to create false imagery and manipulate shots. Well, it is not possible for Superman to fly in real across the buildings and hence VFX enables artists to give an illusion of that happening in reality. Scenes which cannot be actually shot in real life are shot in front of green and blue screens.

After that in the editors’ room, VFX artists use Chroma Key to replace the green or blue areas with things that they want in the scene. In addition to that, visual effects professionals need to have a great deal of creativity and command over the tools and software which they use.

Visual effects as a discipline are not just about learning any one tool or skill. It requires an immense amount of patience. People have to go through a bunch of different takeouts just to get that perfect shot covered. It is crucial in the case of artists to be very patient and diligent when they are going through the various scenes. Having a good knowledge of various software and equipment is also very necessary. You cannot just learn one software and be done with the entirety of the skill base. One software can only teach you so much. It is a very tricky craft where having the ability to master more than one tools is very important.

VFX and Animation are two different skills. They are separate departments and modes of skill altogether. However, people have often claimed that in order to be a successful VFX artist one needs to know animation. Does one really need to know the other in order to excel in the first one? Let’s find out!

Do you really need to know animation too?

The animation is the craft of making a motion picture with the use of digital software and technology. Animators work with various motion graphics techniques to make films, cartoons, shows, advertisements and etc. They are often used together in many animated and action-superhero films. It is true that both are required together as well for various projects.

However, one cannot deny that both are really different disciplines and crafts altogether. You cannot really expect a visual effects artist to contribute all their time towards learning animation all over again. Although, it is a great perk to know both the crafts but you do not have to necessarily know them entirely. What is more important is that you understand how to get a grasp over those skills.

More than knowing animation, you need to know how to work with animators collaboratively and professionally. Your teammates can only teach you a thing or two which shall help you in the long run. Therefore, make it a point to not completely ignore the craft. Let’s try to understand the collaboration case with some examples.

Films like Avatar, Inception, Avengers and Star Wars couldn’t have been made without both animation and visual effects. It has an amalgamation of both the technologies in their respective places. Therefore, special teams were hired for both the skills. Now, since it is one film; they cannot really work separately. You need to be accommodating of the other professionals’ ideas and opinions.

That is mostly how this skill is supposed to prosper and become larger in its potential. Hence, you do not really need to know as much as an animator does but having some ideas and knowledge of the VFX and animation course can go a long way in making you a better VFX artist too. After all, learning would never backfire; it will only enhance you as a person and as a professional.

All the best!


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