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Rise of VFX (Visual Effects) industry in India

Visual Effects (VFX) have become a crucial element in the post-production of films and TV shows. The cutting edge quality of work done by Indian studios has taken the country towards international recognition. The Indian VFX industry continues to reach newer heights as Indian content rubs shoulders with its global counterparts.

Digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are playing a huge role in the expansion of Indian VFX by signing original content licensing deals with several studios in India. A couple of days back the cast of Netflix’s original show, ‘Sacred Games’ attended the Emmys upon receiving their nomination. This is a big achievement for the Indian creative industry altogether.

Overview of the VFX industry in India

Visual Effects is a staple in the post-production of almost all films and shows which are produced in Indian nowadays. The audience has made it pretty clear that they are only interested in the quality of high-end content. With digital platforms being so accessible and in demand, the lines have blurred between VR (Virtual Reality) and VFX.

Big industrial players have started investing in production houses that carry out visual effects for films. This has created a huge rise in the job opportunities for VFX artists. Since, Kolkata is the ‘hub’ of VFX and animation, the scope of finding a VFX job in Kolkata has also gone up.

This is the golden era for aspiring Visual Effects artists. Never in the history of the entertainment business, have there been so many job opportunities for the VFX artists in India.

There has been a seismic rise of over 43% in just the last three years. This is a humongous growth percentage for any industry.

Experts claim that in the years to come VFX and Animation would singlehandedly dominate the entire business of entertainment. We can still see that ruling with Avengers Endgame and Avatar making over a billion dollars in the business. Frozen 2 has already collected over 300 million dollars worldwide post the first week of its release.

These statistics are the live witness that no one can ever run out of jobs in this industry.

It might shock you to know that some of the most prominent films who were known for their VFX were actually edited in India for their CGI. Some of them are:

  • Interstellar
  • James Bond
  • Avatar
  • Star Wars: Trilogy
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Paranoia
  • Expendables 2 and etc

The list goes on for digital shows as well. The recent Red Chillies Entertainment production on Netflix, Bard of Blood received nationwide acclaim for its mind-blowing visual effects.

In fact, Red Chillies was the pioneer in making a breakthrough towards VFX in mainstream cinema with Ra.One. Prior to that, Indian films were definitely using VFX here and there but it was never to such a gigantic scale. The Indian VFX has come a long way from Ra.One to Leila (another popular show on Netflix India known for its futuristic CGI).

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