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How Much is The VFX Course Fees in Kolkata?

Visual Effects or VFX is the art of creating artificial imagery on screen. Anything which cannot be shot with a raw lens is done with VFX in post-production. Alien invasion, bomb blast, superheroes flying, fire accident, robots flying or extremely difficult stunts; they are all done with a certain amount of VFX. Visual Effects or VFX is the art of creating artificial imagery on screen.

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Hit TV shows like ‘Naagin’ and Mahakumbh have taken VFX to a whole new level even on the TV shows. It is no more an entity that only films use.

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Due to its high demand in the entertainment business, VFX training in Kolkata has taken huge strides. It is making notable benchmarks with hit films, ads and television shows. Web platforms like Netflix, Hoichoi and Amazon prime have created millions of new job openings for aspiring VFX artists.

Why should I learn VFX?

Imagine having the ability to create whatever you want on the screen and make things appear which are not really there. Now imagine getting paid for the same! Well, you get to do all that and so much more after finishing the best VFX course.

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  • VFX is one of the fastest-growing industries in the media and entertainment business.
  • There is a constant rise of 34% of job vacancies each year. It is estimated to double up in 2020.
  • Despite the huge demand, there is a massive demand and supply gap. This means that there are far fewer VFX artists than the number of jobs.
  • Millions of new jobs are open for VFX artists in India alone.

A bunch of international films sends their scenes to Indian studios for editing the VFX. India has emerged as the ‘hub’ for VFX in terms of employment. Indian talent has been used in various Hollywood films like Skyfall, Interstellar, Avatar, The Imitation Game and etc.

What is the VFX course fees in Kolkata?

Kolkata has always been the hotspot for art and culture in India. It has paced itself excellently with the technological art of VFX and animation too. The course fee is actually pretty reasonable. However, the thing you need to focus on is payback.

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You shall get 100% placement assistance after the completion of the course. This means that whatever you pay for the course, you would be earning a fat sum of money as a VFX professional ultimately.

To know more about the course details such as fees, duration and curriculum details; we would suggest that you get a free counseling session. An expert professional in the industry would be able to guide you perfectly and give you proper details about the fees. Click here to book your free counseling session!

Good Luck!


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