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Top 5 Movies With Visual Effects

Visual Effects is used in the post production of films to create artificial imagery in scenes. It helps creates CGI imagery that is not there in reality. VFX is used for making of various changes within a scene where you need to add anything extra or even omit something unwanted.

Over the years, VFX has really shaped the way we watch cinema. It has become an integral part of the film making process. The growth of VFX industry has surpassed that of IT and other professional ones as well.

Here are the top five movies which would make you want to learn VFX.


We cannot talk about VFX without remembering the legendary visual effects work of Interstellar. It was the ultimate film which showed us how majestic dreams can really be. Interstellar was a one of its kind mind blowing film.

The transitional scenes in Interstellar were an excellent addition to the whole film. The film would have been vacant and hollow without the amazing VFX which was inculcated in that.


Avatar was James Cameron’s finest work. He held the film’s script for eleven years before he actually started making it. Cameron said that he had a vision for the film’s visual effects and wanted it to be out of this world. Once the technology was developed and there was enough software to make what he wanted, he began with the filming.

The film holds a special place in the history of global VFX with utmost importance.

Harry Potter (All parts)

Harry Potter created a universe for itself with magnanimous visual effects. The CGI work not only created magic in our hearts but also created a massive fan following among visual effects students.

All the films were unique in their own manner. Over 70% of the movie is actually visual effects. The set design and props couldn’t do anything had there not been the amount of visual effects which they included.

Baahubali (both parts)

Baahubali is the first regional film which was able to create such a global impact just because of its visual effects. It could resonate because of the large scale scenes we saw in the movie. Never had anyone seen such big falls, animals and stunt scenes on their silver screen.

Both the parts were equally impacted creating. You would find that to this day, Baahubali is counted among one of the highest-grossing Indian films. It goes without saying that people are way too invested when it comes to qualitative visual effects.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame was the final installment in the Avengers franchise. It had the most spectacular VFX which anyone had seen in a recent while. The film collected over a billion dollars worldwide and the post-production had a lot to do with it.

Endgame was a big showdown telling us how much visual effects is actually capable of.


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