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5 Films Which Can Never be Forgotten Because of Its incredible VFX

Cinema is the greatest form of art that there is, and we all know that great art is never forgotten. With the advent of artificial images in films, we have reckoned the most fantastic creations on the screen. There is absolutely no doubt that there are certain films which would always rule our hearts because of its incredible VFX.

These are films which have managed to stay relevant and in our repeat watch list for the stunning visual effects work. Let’s take a look at some of them once again.

And if you happen to have missed any of these movies then we would suggest that you put them on your watch list straight away.


We can’t talk about Avatar while discussing the best VFX in films of all times. Director James Cameron waited for over two decades to even start filming because the technology he envisioned had not developed in the 90’s.

Avatar had over 6000 individual shots which had to be done separately using VFX. It is a masterpiece in the world of VFX. Many diehard fans of this movie say that no film has been able to enhance the use of visual effects quite like Avatar did.

Creation of a superficial universe is something a lot of films have done over the years but Avatar took it to a whole another level by pushing all human limits. The film grossed over two billion dollars worldwide. To this day, people do not hesitate from buying a Blu-Ray CD of the same.

#Alien Raiders

Alien Raiders came at a time when people had started appreciated the work of Visual effects in films. It could be called the evolving stage of quality VFX.

The film was successfully able to reinstall faith in VFX technicians and experts that sky is the limit if you believe so. The tricky plot and continuous anticipation of the film was kept alive with masterful CGI work. The film would have lost its soul and life had there not been good amount of VFX instilled in it.

We have always seen alien invasions and attacks from the perspective of superheroes and larger-than-life characters. Well, this film works on giving you a fresher perspective as to how the common bystander in a grocery store might witness an alien invasion. The film is fun and a delight to the VFX lovers’ eyes.

Many students pursuing VFX courses in Kolkata have also time and again re-watched this film in pursuit of entertainment and learning.

#Dark Knight Rises

The batman series had come a long way from its inception. It has successfully been able to grip the audiences at all stages. The great thing about the VFX used in Dark Knight Rises is that people cannot tell.

The use of visual effects is so smooth and flawless that almost no one can tell that any form of artificial or false imagery is used at any given point. It has been incorporated without any second thoughts and glitches.

Dark Knight Rises remains a cult favorite film among many to this day and age. The striking marvelous work of VFX in these films can only be admired upon even years after their release 20 July 2012.

#Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Star Wars series has always maintained the legacy of using high-end VFX in all their films. In fact the VFX of these films has been a topic of debate and discussion for years.

The Last Jedi was among the later films in the franchise and hence has a more developed plot with greater scope of improvement. We saw more modern day CGI which has made an impact over the masses rather than just glitch green screen edits.

This film had some out of the world scenes which cannot be overlooked while we discuss the most happening CGI of all times. The creation of flawless supernatural creatures as well as their incorporation in various scenes really made for a fantastic treat to the eyes.

#Blade Runner 2049

Well, we saved the best for the last. Blade Runner 2049 took VFX to a whole another level. The film recreated a character from 1982. Not a single hair of Rachel’s body looked different. You couldn’t tell if she was not for real. She looked completely and utterly real to the naked eye.

Blade Runner 2049 would forever be a milestone film in the world of VFX because no other film has ever done what this movie did with just that one stunt.

If by any chance you haven’t watched his film then we suggest that you go ahead and add this on your watch list straight away.


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