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Understand VFX and CGI Better

Ever wondered how Star Wars was basically aliens roaming around in galaxies and space ships? How do you think the cinematographer actually shot it? We often talk about how grand action and science fiction films require good CGI to portray scenes not possible to be shot otherwise.

You might have come across both the terms mentioned in the title, i.e. VFX and CGI.

  • VFX is short form of Visual effects. It encompasses any kind of effect that wasn’t shot directly in the camera and was created in post production.
  • CGI is short form of Computer Generated Imagery. CGI involves modeling 3D objects in a computer and rendering out images of those objects.

Visual Effects takes place right after a raw footage has been transferred into the computer. CGI is the much later process.

Chroma Keying is the method or procedure which translates the green/blue screen into images or footages we want to replace it with. In the film Baahubali, the actors were sitting on horse models and acting in front of green screens pretending a fire or waterfall in background.

Later on, the VFX artists replaced those green screens and dummy props with grand level waterfalls and castles.

CGI and VFX for Films

Mostly the utilization of VFX for films happens in adding things which are impossible to be shot with naked camera lens. On top of that, you get to literally create anything you vision with the help of visual effects.

CGI is the more advanced technique where modeling is done of the objects getting added. Let’s take a scene from the Twilight film for example. When a werewolf is shown on the screen, it is actually a person dressed in green jumpsuit head-to-toe. That person’s position is replaced with that of werewolf using chroma keying the green parts into a werewolf.

Now CGI is used to enhance the movements, positioning and the sketch of the werewolf altogether. Looking at the before and after pictures would help you understand it better.

How to Master VFX Techniques and Skills?

If you are interested to learn VFX and CGI then you must enroll into a VFX course. It is not one of those courses which can be learned with tutorials or downloading a few software. You will need expert training and the right institute to help you master the craft professionally.

Institutes also promise 100% job placement after the completion of your training. In all, it is always advisable to choose an institute instead of picking other means of learning.

How Often is VFX used in Films and Television?

Visual effects is the staple in post production. It is used by almost every single movie or show you are watching. Whether it is a famous Hindi television show or a popular one on Netflix; they all have little or more visual effects added to it.

Shows like ‘Thapki Pyar Ki‘ and ‘Naagin’ have completely revolutionized the use of visual effects in Indian soap operas.

  • There are over hundreds of production studios in India. Most of them have multiple branches across different cities.
  • Over millions of new job vacancies are available each year for aspiring VFX artists.
  • The must-have role of VFX has made it the backbone of any film’s post production.

Now that you have understood everything essential about Visual Effects and CGI; it is time you enroll in a VFX course yourself. To know more about the course details, reach out to us and we will help you with a counseling session from an expert for free.


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