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VFX is a Major Industry and a Serious Career Choice

What is VFX? What do you mean by VFX?What is VFX? What do you mean by VFX?

Most of the students have no clue about it and its potential in the rising digital world.

First let me tell you the basics about visual effects (abbreviated as VFX). It is the process by which visual manipulations are created which is relatively not possible while making a live action shot or film. To be more precise, through visual effects you can simply animate animals, objects, various creatures, environment, action sequences etc otherwise which would have been very impractical and time consuming even maybe dangerous to work with while shooting a film.

VFX can of various types like – Animation, Simulation FX, Matte painting, Modelling, Compositing and much more.  Each type has its own learning and work in the industry.

Today the video streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar,ZEE5 have become the part of daily lives of every human being having access to them which will continue to rise with more internet penetration and digitalization.

It has become an important part for every movie’s visual appeal and its story too and the visual effects supervisor or the company responsible for visual effects not only works in the post production but it has to work in pre-production and production too. So that the creativity and experience that needs to be put in can easily be decided and worked upon in the very beginning of the film or series.Having a serious career in VFX doesn’t have any limitations. It’s all about the individual’s potential and the skill or proficiency in his own field which can even make you form a niche. VFX production companies nowadays not only dominate the Indian market but also outsource a substantial amount of work overseas too. Game of Thrones, Avatar, The Lion King – All of these extremely popular Hollywood projects have outsources their VFX work from India. Technical skills are outsourced but putting in some required efforts and having a career in India for it is like a golden opportunity since it has the required plentiful creativity and inexpensive technical professionals to do the job.

It was easy to outsource the work from India as its very inexpensive, which is highly cost effective (if converted in foreign currency), amazing creativity, easy English language communication, infrastructure and strong support system.

Not only movies but advertisements, web series, daily soaps, short films – All of them involve the use of VFX.
But to get into this industry you need to have a lot of good training and experience to grab the opportunity in the market and to cut the competition you must have excellence in your niche and if you are looking for VFX course in Kolkata, or VFX training in Kolkata, then iLEAD is one the institutions that provides students with the knowledge and training of Adobe Flash for 2D, Maya for 3D, After Effects, Nuke, Fusion and some of the software that are in the highest technology standards used in the industry today with having the desired infrastructure (MAC, production studio, experienced mentors ) that will help you transform into a magnetic personality that is required for not only your career but entire life.


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