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Top 3 Netflix Originals with Best VFX- Must Watch 2020

If OTT platforms had been underestimated earlier, Netflix has come and changed the game altogether. Netflix originals are some of the most mind wrecking shows and films which have revolutionized VFX. The use of VFX for films and shows has ever been this unique earlier.

The whole concept has been revolutionized with content which knows no limitations. Students and young adults have run to learn animation and VFX after watching these shows and films.

Let’s discuss the most popular Netflix original shows which have changed the way we consume content.


Set in three different decades (or even more, who knows!), this mind bending sci-fi drama has broken all barriers of how complicated a show actually can be. Dark was practically shot just in front of green screen with very less investment on the set prosthetics.

It was the extensive use of VFX and animation which created the time lapses, wormholes, aesthetics and etc. Great animation was utilized to show the time travel of all characters. Dark remains to be one of the most popularly watch Netflix originals in the history of the platform.

This German drama is nothing less than a masterpiece when it comes to talking about the high standards for VFX and cinematography.


3% is a Brazilian Netflix original show with a very unique concept. It is set in a futuristic world where only 3% people get to experience luxury but at the cost of fighting one another while the rest of the population lives in poverty.

The whole caliber of this show is based on the use of extensive futuristic VFX and animation. Some have even compared it to Avatar. A show like this would never have been possible a decade ago to be accessible to us on our mobile screens.

All the aesthetics of the show are so smooth that you would be transported to future almost immediately and not have to look back. It is a phenomenal show with mind boggling standards of VFX and animation.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is probably the only Netflix original show which became popular not only among the young adults but also among the kids. This show talks about paranormal stuff but keeping it highly scientific and fun based.

It is impossible to explain the great VFX of Stranger Things to someone who has not watched it. This show was among the most highly recommended shows by various artists and even entertainment magazines. You must put it on your watch list if you are willing to enjoy an amazing thriller drama but with amazing fun inside.


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