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CHERNOBYL: VFX & FX Breakdowns by DNEG

The show ‘Chernobyl’ has never been about telling the tale by unnecessary, frightening imagery with the purpose to surprise. Rather, it had to be exclusively plotline, where VFX would also provide help for the suspense in every frame.

Any VFX had to sound and look natural and, essentially, believable. Although many of the VFX shots had live action plate incorporation, there were also many complete CG shots that had to balance the sound, look and feel of the actual drama shots effortlessly.

All in all, the team completed about 550 shots for the series, designed the reactor building inside and outside, built complicated devastation and smoke models, created CG vehicles like cars and aircraft, animated crowds, etc.

Breakdown of VFX of Chernobyl

DNEG have released VFX and FX Breakdown videos featuring VFX Supervisor Max Dennison talking about their work on the show. You can watch their YouTube video for information about the same.

“Any VFX had to sound and look natural and, at the end of the day, believable. While several VFX shots had live-plate incorporation, there were also many complete CG shots that also had to balance the sound, look and feel of the surrounding drama shots seamlessly “, explains the DNEG team about its VFX work on the limited HBO sequence.

Many VFX companies have took to the web to constantly teach the CGI community’s aspiring people about the finer points of the profession. And both of them do so with extensive breakdowns.

Recently, DNEG launched a much-anticipated VFX award-winning show that won hearts of a vast number of viewers. Yet it was a lot better this time around. For each frame, there was a fresh perspective on how the program was deployed and the photographs were made. There was background commentary on every shot and frame.

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