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Is VFX And Animation A Good Field To Enter After Class 12th in India?

Unlike other education fields, Animation and VFX is not widely debated in Indian households. It is not one of the first choices a person considers when deciding on a career.

In reality, Animation and VFX is one of the most important industries in India right now. It is the most critical outlet of creative artists.  Animation and VFX courses are becoming increasingly common as a career path for a growing number of people. With the advancement of globalization and the growing relevance of media and knowledge to us, this has really raised the bar.

So, if you have finished your graduation after 12th grade and are searching for Animation and VFX courses in Kolkata, here are some choices for you.

B.Sc in 3D Animation & Multimedia

Graduation after 12th
  • Learn how to animate popular characters for films and shows
  • Get a B.Sc degree affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT)
  • Earn a chance to work in best production studios across the
  • nation
  • Live your dream of doing something creative for a living

3D Animation is by far one of the most popular fields that there is in multimedia sector. The use of animation and its relevance among the audience is huge. Every other action, rom-com and even dance film is getting released in 3D along with 2D.

3D animated films do way more business than the usual ones. It goes without saying that a B.Sc degree in 3D animation would mean a great deal for your future.

VFX (Visual Effects or Special Effects)


The second course on our list of immersive courses is visual effects (VFX). To control shots, visual effects (VFX) are used. Consider the following scenario: you want to showcase something that is not easy to capture with a camera; this is what VFX allows you to do.

About every film or television program you see contains a slew of special effects. In reality, most superhero films are simply filmed in front of a green screen, with post-production VFX doing the rest.

Over the last decade, there has been a persistent need for VFX artists in design studios due to their high demand.

Scope of Animation and VFX

Film Industry

The Indian media and film industry is flourishing above all standards. Cartoons, commercials, and television programs are among the highest-earning segments in the animation industry. The recent launch of Disney Plus in India, as well as a large number of subscribers, demonstrated how much benefit we are capable of making from it.

The Indian public adores animated films and television programs. This mass appeal transcends demographics and VFX, desires, and so on. The huge popularity of Disney Plus has shown how much we all enjoy old-school cartoon series.

Disney’s Animation and VFX demonstrate Indians’ fondness for visual contact. Anything in this modern era is conveyed and understood by graphic designs.


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