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Take the Best VFX Course in Kolkata

The method through which imagery is produced away from the live action shot is known as visual effects. As everyone is aware, India has a bright future for animation and visual effects in the coming years.

Through VFX, the emerging talents are displaying their abilities on the world market.

Why pick traditional education when there are so many excellent career possibilities available?

The VFX sector is growing to be a significant one in the filmmaking sector, and the work done by the sector has improved India’s standing in the international VFX scene.

The majority of the VFX moments in popular films like Bahubali, Padmaavat, and many others earned the hearts of the audience.

You should be aware that the VFX sector is revolutionizing itself as a result of its daily expansion. The industry is expanding and improving. It is anticipated that the sector will provide hundreds of thousands of work possibilities for those interested in the sector. The need for VFX experts will undoubtedly grow over the next few years.

Every single gorgeous scene you witness in a movie, whether it be a battle between super heroes or an avalanche, was made utilizing visual effects.

Yes, it is how VFX is steadily gaining prominence in the entertainment sector.

If you choose to enroll in a VFX programme in Kolkata, you should learn VFX animation from the top programme, Starblast Animation.

So, in order to familiarize you with VFX and its significance, below are some facts.

VFX: What is it?

The non-realistic scenes you see in films or movies that appear real but were actually created using specialised software are what is known as VFX, also known as visual effects.

Yes, you heard that right. The majority of the realistic scenes that people marvelled at and believed to be real are purely computer-generated visual effects.

VFX aids in creating certain scenarios that are needed but cannot be shot in reality for a variety of reasons, including a financial crisis, a threat to human life, or because they are irrationally impossible to occur in reality.

Job profiles to opt for after learning

  • VFX Course
  • Compositor
  • Concept artist
  • Digital preparation artist
  • Layout artist sMatch Mover artist
  • Matte painters for VFX
  • Supervisor of VFX Roto artists
  • Technical director Runner

To work as a VFX artist, one must be familiar with general software.

The most popular programmes used by VFX artists are Premier Pro, Photoshop, Nuke, Silhouette, After Effects, Fusion, and Mocha.

Photoshop: A novice in the VFX field needs to be well-versed in Photoshop. It establishes a foundation for designers and composites. Photoshop is constantly useful. This software is available at VFX training in Kolkata.

Goals of the VFX course Starblast

The finest VFX academy in Kolkata, Starblast Animation, offers college students a thorough training in animation and visual effects and equips them with the designing, presenting, and visual effects skills necessary to succeed as professionals once they have completed the programme. The students at Kolkata’s Starblast Animation VFX course receive intensive training in visual effects.

We provide our students with a variety of VFX courses, including


Top qualities of Starblast animation

If Starblast animation isn’t the ideal choice for you yet, what is? These are the details you need to be aware of regarding us.

Prior to being admitted, it is essential to become familiar with every facet of an institute. The Starblast animation in Kolkata offers our pupils a learning atmosphere where they can study and apply the new techniques with ease and comfort. We only provide programmes that are entirely focused on finding employment. The curriculum that we chose is applicable to the sector. For the benefit of our students, we ensure that our institute utilises the most up-to-date technologies and resources out there.

With our reinforcement courses, you learn more effectively since you receive instruction at regular intervals and assessments at the end of each schedule. The students receive the most recent software utilised in the VFX business through the VFX training in Kolkata. The training programmes include master seminars and industry engagements on the timetable.

We only employ extremely skilled and professional faculty. Teachers foster children through inventive, critical thinking, and discipline-based learning while providing them with support. The instructors are seasoned educators as well as VFX industry professionals with years of relevant work experience.

We have come to understand that, in addition to imparting the necessary knowledge, it is crucial to work on a person’s complete personality development. We use a variety of training sessions to improve the person as a whole. It works tirelessly to expand job opportunities in the sector and actively aids in locating the ideal position at the ideal time. We have a lengthy list of businesses who participate in the placement process and offer all of our students 100% assistance.

The institute holds a variety of seminars and activities at various times to improve the skills of aspiring VFX professionals. These enable the kids to demonstrate their skills in front of their peers and teachers.

Our qualifications standards

Are you unsure whether enrolling in VFX classes is the best decision for you?

To enrol in one of our courses, you don’t need to be a professional or an expert in any particular industry. Anyone who has recently finished high school, whether they are in the arts, sciences, or commerce, graduates searching for employment right away, or professionals in the workforce seeking to advance their abilities, are welcome to enrol in our courses.

Why Choose Kolkata’s VFX Institute

We are the top teaching facility for animation, visual effects, graphic design, and web design. We use cutting-edge infrastructure to provide our pupils with a top-notch education. An expert research and development team, which includes industry specialists, maintains a precise curriculum for each course, providing our students with a stable learning environment. The training facility includes cutting-edge labs, making it the perfect environment for our aspiring VFX professionals to experiment and hone their craft.

Every student will receive guidance from our instructors, who will help them become experts at acquiring all the skills necessary to succeed as VFX artists.

We help our students and arrange job placements for them so they won’t have to worry about their careers once their studies at our institute are complete.


Additionally, courses are designed so that participants from all walks of life can choose them without having to miss any instruction.

Since you are aware that VFX is not going away any time soon and will only continue to improve, Therefore, if you enrol in one of Starblast Animation’s VFX courses in Kolkata, you are putting your future in our hands. Together, we will work hard to secure your future by placing you in a strong VFX Kolkata institute.


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